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Ttheory Of Knowledge Essay

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Western immigrants in japan






The title of this research proposal is; investigation into the current trend of Japanese immigration.
The wave of globalization has been associated with an increase in cross-border relocations for goods, capital and human resources. The movement of people however in the post-world war attracted the attention of most of the industrialized nations of the west. Terrorist attacks of September 2011 initiated the review of immigration laws. Studies show that most of the industrialized states which tend to receive the highest number of immigrants are currently in the process of ...view middle of the document...

These are:
* What can be done to improve the current situation of western immigrants in japan?
* Is Japan prepared for the current influx of western immigrants into the country?
* What specific policy changes can be proposed to improve the accommodation of minority immigrants into the country?
Conceptual framework
Since the central objective of anticipated research is to examine the current trend of western immigrants such as Argentinean and Mexican immigrants, the research would employ both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Qualitative approach will seek to analyze the efficiency of the country to adopt the current situation while quantitative approach will assess the trend over time. It is expected that through these approaches, important themes will develop to explore the main research question and pave way to possibilities to handle the current trend.

Japanese current immigration policies
Various changes are notable with the country’s immigration policies; to begin with, the initial alien registration card has been replaced by the resident card (Oishi, 2012). Initially, one had his or her own visa in his passport meaning that the alien card would be updated anytime the visa was renewed or changed. However, since July 2012 the immigration department issues a resident card, all marital status changes need to be reported to the immigration offices and individuals are required to report departures and arrivals. Secondly, re-entry permit has been abolished for those re-entering the country within 12 months. The country has also embraced preferential treatment for highly skilled foreign professionals who wish to enter the country.
Context of the research
Since 1880s, western immigration has experienced heated debates in all the industrialized nations of the globe. In Japan, the rising influx of immigrants from African countries and some of the western countries has received a lot of resistance from the political leaders. The shrinking population size associated with declining birth rates and low immigration rates has exposed the nation to the risk of low labor force despite its thriving economic growth and development. The July 2012 immigration policy changes have however helped to remedy the declining labor force (Hing, 2012). The rising western immigration into the country is also linked to word liberalization trends. Japan over the last two decades has been on the forefront to encourage the free flow of goods and human resources in and out of its economic territories.

Empirical literature
According to Sakanaka, immigration is the only measure to save Japan. Sakanaka a former director (Tokyo immigration bureau) recommends an influx of 10 million immigrants for the next 50 years (Kondo, 2002). The director bases his argument on the falling population size and shrinking labor supply. The homogeneous nature of the state has been cited as one of the stumbling blocks to western immigration onto the country....

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