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Tuition Reimbursement Essay

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Tuition Reimbursement

March 15, 2010

“Education is a key factor in fueling economic growth, but the educational attainment of our workers is slipping badly” (Bosworth 2008). Since the advancement of technology, education becomes increasingly valuable as well as its utilization in various aspects on the job. Many organizations acknowledge that employees are the most beneficial assets, undoubtedly, because of the dedication and commitment they maintain; however, a program created to assist in the endeavors of an educational stature will create countless invaluable employees, also awards organizations with a competitive advantage with attracting ...view middle of the document...

A tuition reimbursement program enables present employees the ability to continue their education and at the same they receive opportunity to grow within the company. However, specific protocols and limitations are required before taking advantage of the opportunity. In addition, certain rules and regulations must be met before employees receive the assistance. Noticeably, the question arises as to whether the reimbursement of tuition is fundamental or if the expenditure overpowers the benefits.
Certainly, the company should comprehend the need of tuition and adult learning for employees and understand that lack of reimbursement, as well as, sufficient opportunities for training, the possibility of increasing the educational and professional level will be near impossible. Furthermore, as education and tuition continue to rise in cost, employees are experiencing difficulties with advancing their scholarly knowledge. There are multiple justifications as to why. First, the expense is too much of a burden for employees, especially large family households. Second, companies do not enable enough time for employees to attend classes. Lastly, employees are not encouraged reasonably to devote monetary funds without some sort of inspiration or positive reinforcement from his or her company, such as, the sheer possibility of advancement within the company. In light of this reasoning, the practicality of advancing education becomes void if companies fail to reimburse tuition.
“Employers should strive to increase organizational commitment of employees. One suggested method is employer educational assistance” (Guffey, West & White, 1997). The organizational commitment alone should be the motivation the company needs to put this theory into effect. Considering that most successful companies strive on...

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