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Turn In The Road Essay

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Why do we need to know how to do a turn in the road?
We may have taken a wrong turning or got lost and need to turn around. There may be no side roads to reverse into, or we’ve turned into a ‘no through road’ (a dead end) and the only way to get out is to turn the car round.

Safe convenient and legal place (SCALP):
When asked to ‘find a convenient place to pull in and park on the left’ avoid blocking any driveways and stop straight as you can and as near to the kerb as is reasonably possible – the nearer to the kerb you are the more room you have to carry out the manoeuvre.

Before you carry out the manoeuvre you must ask yourself three questions:

Is it ...view middle of the document...

For this manoeuvre we usually set the gas by squeezing the gas pedal the thickness of two pound coins. Most roads slope up to the middle (or ‘crown’) of the road and then slope back down to the kerb (this is known as ‘camber’) – they are designed like this to drain rainwater away.

Initially we will be going uphill so we have to squeeze the gas pedal a little bit more than if we’re on a level surface in order to give the engine the power to get a heavy car from stationary and up the slope.

Be careful not to have the clutch too high – don’t have the car straining or fighting against the handbrake – as soon as you release it the car can shoot off.

Remember: normal bite and a touch more gas.

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O is for observation:
We’re ready to make our move – now we must make sure it safe to make our move. We carry out our 6 point check / all round observations.

Firstly we look over our left shoulder into our left blindspot, then check our mirrors and up ahead, and finally over our right shoulder into our right blindspot.

If we do see any road users – wait until they have passed. We’re looking out for any vehicles coming towards us or pedestrians on the pavement. It is very important to look out for pedestrians when carrying out this manoeuvre – we don’t want to risk losing control of the car whilst moving towards them.

M is for move:
Once we’re absolutely sure that it is safe we start our move. In order for the manoeuvre to be successful we must move slowly and steer briskly.

Clutch control:
With the gas pedal already set to take account of the camber we release the handbrake and start moving by easing the clutch up just above the biting point – once the car starts to move keep our feet absolutely still....

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