Tv And Obesity Essay

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F&B     Food and Beverages
HFSS    High in fat, salt and sugar
WHO   World Health Organization
TV        Television

The Role of Marketing Message in Children Obesity

With reference to the Hastings report in 2003, it is found that three of the key factors contributing to children obesity are Target Market, Brand Experience, and Marketing Communication.
In this study, we will explore why most food and beverages companies have expanded and diversified their marketing efforts to children, the popular marketing tactics used and what makes these brands attractive to children. This essay discusses how companies target children due to their inability to identify the ...view middle of the document...

The model can be used to draw an analogy between the attractiveness of children to F&B companies. Children fall under the very first stage, Precontemplation. Born carefree and innocent, these kids do not have any inhibitions when it comes to consuming things they love.

Figure 3 shows that there is an increasing function even though the rate of increase reduces. With reference to figure 3, it is suggested that these set of customers, once older will start to get wise and consume less and less of the same. (Rate of increase reduce) They will make a determined effort to cut down their consumption levels and frequency. When faced with a decreasing rate of returns, F&B companies want to maximize their returns; therefore, the children become the cornerstone of their marketing plans.

Coupled with this, is the growing disposable income among children. In 2012, Canadian children spent about 2 billion dollars and influenced a further 20 billion in family purchases. Children now have the money power to go with their increased wants. (Marwick, R. 2010)
Fast food companies are found to have been using Racial Marketing; it is targeting children from poor backgrounds, and on the basis of color using aggressive pricing strategies and advertising. (Khazan, O. 2014)

Both table 1 and 2 shows similar evidence of the amount of advertising Coca-Cola and McDonalds used on targeting black and Hispanic youths. (Harris, Jennifer L., et al. 2014 p.30).

Beverage companies market their products to the above said children 80% higher as compared to white children. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey indicate that between 1999 and 2002, obesity rates were higher for both African American and Mexican American children than for white children, sometimes by as much as 10-12%. Television programs often broadcast characters and F&B companies often display cultural idols such as Serena Williams and Enrique Iglesias to cater to needs of the African American and Hispanic kids respectively. Children of these communities are known to identify and respect their idols more than other communities, making them more accessible as targets.  Also, inclusion of ethnic dishes and fast food such as ‘Tacos' woo them further (Freeman, A. 2007).

It has long been proven that children do not easily distinguish between right and wrong. Companies such as McDonalds air 99% of their advertisements on kid's TV channels which feature 70% toy giveaways. It creates an insatiable demand from the kids who watch the program as the toys mean more to the children than the food itself.
These very children, as proven by child psychologists, establish very long lasting relationships with these companies that extend well into their adulthood (Linn, S. 2004). Long lasting relationships creates loyalty between the consumers and the brand, which is why companies target consumers from a young age to build on that bond.

In today’s environment where securing your future is...

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