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"Twelve Angry Men", By Reginald Rose

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This semester I read the play "Twelve Angry Men", by Reginald Rose. It is about a jury trying to come up with a verdict for a teenage boy who is being accused of killing his father. In the play there are 2 very important characters. These characters are Juror Number Three and Juror Number Eight. Number Three is very against talking about anything. He is convinced that the boy is guilty and doesn't care to listen to any other opinions. Juror Eight is very opposite of number three. Number Eight will always listen to all opinions and wants to look everything over. He does not know yet if the boy is guilty or innocent. In this play a very important point is made. This point is: justice isn't ...view middle of the document...

Nor is this fair to the defendant and his trial. Personal feelings and experiences do not turn into evidence, proof, or fact just because they are felt. Being biased will never lead to a fair trial.Another occurrence of being biased in this play occurs when Juror Number Three speaks. He says, "Kids are all bad listeners." He then talks about his relationship with his son. He has taken his home life and has applied it to the trial. He allowed his personal situations to influence the way he saw the defendant and the case. Because his son did not listen to him he assumes all children/teens do not listen. Also even if the boy didn't listen , it would have nothing to do with weather or not he killed his father. In this instance not only does he allow his personal life to influence the way he sees the trial, but he tries to convince the others that it is a fact. He tries to let his home life influence the other jurors so they might side with him. Because of these feelings, Juror Number Three dislikes the defendant from the start. These thoughts and feelings make it very difficult for Number Three to make an honest decision as to weather the defendant is guilty of killing his father or not. These feelings also make it more difficult for Number Three to be open to any argument in favor of the boy, it makes him rather stubborn.Also in this play Juror Number Ten has a problem with Juror Number Five. This is not exactly an example, however, it has quite a bit to do with being biased. Number Ten has some very personal feelings about the slums. The slums happen to be not only where the defendant grew up but also where Juror Five has grown up. Juror Number Five takes his opinions and comments very personally. This does a couple of things. This shows that not everyone feels the same. It shows...

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