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Two Distinct Parenting Approaches Essay

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As the population of the world grows larger and competition for admission into colleges grows fiercer, the debate over which characteristics and techniques constitute the ideal parenting method has intensified. Parents now recognize and consider that the manner in which they raise their children plays a vital role in the development and the future success of their offspring. In general, there are two primary parenting methods which a parent can utilize in order to raise his or her children. First, parents can take a more lax approach to their children and can leave them to develop their interests on their own. Second, parents can incessantly monitor their children’s academic progress, ...view middle of the document...

First, while Tim’s parents required daily reading time, my own parents did not. Personally, I developed a love of reading because I did so on my own terms. For me, the greatest part about reading is the spontaneity of it. It is this characteristic which separates reading from other activities, such as sports and social gatherings, which both depend upon previous organization and planning to occur. Reading can only truly be enjoyed if it does not infringe upon our own plans and schedules. The reader cannot focus on the material if he or she does not actually want to read. That being said, the way in which my parents encouraged me to read proves superior to the way in which Tim’s parents encouraged him to read. My parents, who recognized the importance of reading during the nascent years of my development, realized that I would acquire a hatred for reading if they forced me to do so. Thus, while not discouraging me from reading, they did not require me to read. They trusted that I would find the multitudinous and gratifying pleasures of reading on my own, which I did. As a result of this laissez-fair policy towards reading, I did indeed obtain a voracious appetite for books. Tim’s parents, on the other hand, scheduled his daily “leisure” reading time between seven and eight thirty each night, forcing him to read books which they picked out for him on a stringent and unalterable schedule. Therefore, the honest yet oppressive efforts of his parents eliminated much of the fun and spontaneity of reading, prohibiting Tim from obtaining a penchant for reading. Tim even went so far as to proclaim his hatred of reading to his friends and to his teachers. It seemed paradoxical to the teachers that Tim, being an intelligent student, possessed such an antipathy towards reading. Eventually I...

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