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Two Extraordinary Leaders Of 1938 1945 Germany And How They Used Propaganda To Rule World War Ii

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Two Extraordinary Leaders of 1938-1945 Germany...German "Der Fuhrer" Adolf HitlerAnd his Right hand man, Joeseph GoebbelsAnd how they used Propaganda to Rule World War IIThe British believed that Germany had been treated too harshly by the provisions of Versailles and because of this, they were willing to make concessions to the Germans. The French, with the largest army on the Continent, refused to contemplate an offensive war, just like their position in WWI, and decided instead to protect their borders at all costs. The United States, meanwhile, stood distant from any European conflict because they had their own problems to deal with, namely the Great Depression. To top it all off, the ...view middle of the document...

Rarely can an empire have existed about which nothing positive could be said, notwithstanding the happy memories of wartime tourism. . . . Even in the limited terms of its own aesthetic politics, the Nazi "New Order" was merely the universality of ugliness." (Michael Burleigh, The Third Reich)But Hitler did not rise from out of no where. Hitler used many means of propaganda to gain power in Germany. Because of his experiences in Vienna, WWI the Munich putsch and in prison, Hitler dreamed of building a vast German Empire spreading across Central and Eastern Europe. Lebensraum could only be obtained and sustained by raging a war of conquest against the Soviet Union. The German security demanded it, but Hitler dreaded this task that had to be done. This made war essential. It was essential to Hitler as well to Hitler's dream of a new Germany. In the end, most historians have reached the agreement that WWII was Hitler's war. Even though Most of western Europe knew Hitler would soon be a world threat, little did anything to prevent it. If we look at WWII like this, you could argue that the responsibility for WWII remain on the shoulders of Britain, France and the United States.But Hitler was an opportunist. He was a man possessed and driven by a zeal that saw his destiny as identical to Germany's.The propaganda machine that Hitler adopted, was perhaps the most important device at his disposal. With it he was able to successfully depreciate his opponent's will to resist. And propaganda, after winning the minds of the German people, now became the most crucial instrument of German foreign policy as a whole. There were around 27 million German people living outside the borders of the Reich. To force those 27 million into support for Hitler, the Nazis utilized their propaganda machine. For example: They made every effort to export anti-Semitism internationally, thus feeding off prejudices of other nations. Hitler also began to depict himself as Europe's best defense against Stalin, the Bolsheviks and the Soviet Union. In fact, the Nazi anti-Bolshevik propaganda convinced...

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