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Two Years Are Better Than Four

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Two Years Are Better Than Four

The word, ‘college’ can sound very intimidating and scary for some high school students. It can also be challenging for some students when deciding on what college to go to after high school. A lot of students tend to aim for four-year universities because it sounds better, pressure from parents, or that’s just their preference. I was raised to do well in school and my parents pressured me to go to a four-year college. From my personal experience and observations, people tend to look down on community colleges. Most people think you will not get a high paying job or a career if you go to a two-year institution, and I was once guilty of that. But after going to San Jose State University and reading an article, Two Years Are Better Than Four, by Liz Addison, I beg to differ. As Liz Addison addresses the importance of community ...view middle of the document...

In high school, I always thought community colleges were for students who had bad grades or just wanted to stay home. I didn’t see it as an institution to help students begin. After reading, Addison’s article, she really changed my perspective on community college and I wish I’d read this article before I applied to four-year colleges. There was a section in Addison’s paper that stood out to me when she says “Just follow any of the 1,1655 road signs, and pop your head inside – yes, they let anyone in – and there you will find discoveries of a first independent film, a first independent thought, a first independent study” (Addison). Addison makes a strong persuading point when uses a metaphor to describe the importance of what the community college system offers. She is saying that everything is possible and community college accepts everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, or what background you came from. It gives an opportunity to anyone and especially to people who never thought of going to college because they couldn’t afford it.
A four-year institution isn’t for everyone and sometimes it is way to expensive to afford. Community colleges are no different from a 4-year college. I’ve attended San Jose State University for a year and the only difference was the cost and having the whole dorm life experience. Other than that, the classes and lessons were taught very similar to community college courses. A lot of students who go to Universities end up dropping out because it way to expensive or the end up I debt from taking out a lot of student loans and having to pay them back. I ended up leaving SJSU because it was way to expensive and I did not want to have to take out loans and end up in debt. I realized that going to a community college was the best way to go and that’s where I should have gone to begin with. I think Addison does a great job with acknowledging community colleges and explaining to the readers how community college is very important to have in society. It is a great tool for everyone to use.

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