Type A Behaviour Pattern Of Stress Among People

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Personality characteristics may predispose individuals to experience excessive stress or they may protect against stress. In addition, personality characteristics can help to determine the course that are already in stressful situation. Thus, they may intensify the stress responses or act as a buffer during stressful situations. Personality characteristics can affect how we interpret situations. According to Friedman and Rosen man, two cardiologists, who noticed a style of behavior (Type A) that is associated with heart disease. Two major characteristics of Type A behavior are hostility and time urgency. The characteristic of individuals with Type A behaviors are that they are easily angered ...view middle of the document...

Environment plays a major role in an individual life but it also depends on an individual how he/she cope with the stress and help themselves to convert distress into an eutress. People with type a behavior pattern are more prone to stress levels than type b behavior pattern. A stressor is defined as a stimulus that causes stress and stress occurs when there is an excess of environmental demand or needs and it exceeds an individual coping abilities. So although, environmental stressors may lead to perceptions in our life, it depends on an individual how they interpret the situations and events in their life. If they perceive it as a threat to their wellbeing, they are likely to experience more stress rather if they see it as a fight response. So, stress depends on how we appraise the situation and it impacts on an individual's wellbeing.It has been reported that people with type a behavior suffer from an illness associated with heart disease, hypertensive disease, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, depression, headaches and migraines and alcoholism. According to Ward and Eisler, stress is related to an individual's tenor to strive for achievement and this continuous striving relates to type a behavior pattern. Type A behavior are also competitive, hard driving and at times. They tend to have abruptly speech patterns or explosive speech. One can see in a particular working environment such as department stores where a highly ambitious individual (Accountant) is overburdened with tasks and if interrupted by the suppliers and purchasing manager are likely to experience more stress because they perceive these interruptions as a hindrance in the task related goals. They even tend to perceive as a threat to emotional and physical well being. In contrast, the people with type B behavior are relaxed, easy going and resistant to stress when they experience the same situation however, they are just as productive and successful. Job stress can be viewed as individual's reactions to work environment. A recent study, an attempt was made to examine the outcome type a behavior when dealing with job related stress in a multidimensional company. Personal and organizational outcomes related to job stress and Type-A behavior: a study of Canadian and Chinese employees.Both personal outcomes (job satisfaction, performance, burnout, hard driving, and competitiveness); organizational outcomes such as (turnover motivation, organizational commitment) were used as dependent variables. In physiological context, it was found that due to the constant demand in the company, such as new releases, competitiveness with other companies in the same field, the stereotype managers who has three telephones on his (or her) desk, constantly ringing; someone who shouts out orders to scrambling underlings while signing a purchase order with one hand and eating a chili dog with the other. Put pressure on employees on a routine basis and it leads to absenteeism and also helps the...

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