Type Of Drivers Essay

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What Type of Driver Are You?

Driving is a task we must take part in on a daily basis, but after several years of driving in frustrating and hectic rush hour traffic one can begin to hate even the thought of going to the grocery store. The roads are filled with very different types of drivers; Competent, Overly Cautious, Distracted, and Reckless are just a few of them. How we determine which category we best fall under can be a challenge, because in our minds we think we are good drivers, but in most cases we’re too oblivious to these classifications. First, there are the rare competent drivers who drive safely by not speeding and obey the common driving laws. Competent drivers are always coming to a full stop, ...view middle of the document...

You know the kind - won't speed up to merge and stops at the end of on-ramps, sits helplessly at a four-way stop because they don't know what to do, slams on the brakes for no apparent reason, and, of course, refusing to exceed the posted speed limit under any circumstance, causing others around them to become aggressive. Typically, the elderly people are the ones to fall under this category. Distracted drivers are the ones you see rocking out to their car radio, texting while behind the wheel, and taking selfies. Teenagers who just got their permit/license typically fall under this category. The thrill of having a new car seems to ignite something in the youth keeping them distracted with the technology that keeps evolving in our world today. Reckless drivers display complete disregard for the rules of the road; the driver often misjudges common driving procedures, potentially causing accidents and other damages. Reckless drivers do not seem to care about anything else besides getting to their destination and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to get there. Some of the outrageous stunts that they pull while out on the road will mind boggle you. It’s the dare devils in the fast sports cars and snobby business owners that zoom right past you and cut you off unexpectedly, with no hesitation, that will make you lose your mind. No matter how well of a driver you believe to be everyone has a bad habit they can work on. Admitting to these imperfections and acting upon them will not only improve your driving skills on the road, but can even potentially save someone’s life. Be smart and always follow the driving laws.

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