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Type Of Investment And Accounting Method

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type of investment and accounting methods:Indirect Investments:
Types of Investments and Accounting Method

No Significant Influence, Joint Control or Control
Significant Influence


Cost or FV Method
(AASB 9)
Consolidation Method
(AASB 10, AASB 3)
(Topic 7,8,9)

Equity Method
(AASB 128)
(Topic 10)
JV = Equity Method
JO = Share of interest
(AASB 128 &
AASB 11)
(Topic 10)

Joint Control

Joint Arrangement

London Ltd:
signi: power to participate
control: power over investee return.
1 of factor: share owenership have power over because they have voting right =) power but nguoc lai ko dung. some time ...view middle of the document...

11 Power arises from rights. Sometimes assessing power is straightforward, such as when power over an investee is obtained directly and solely from the voting rights granted by equity instruments such as shares, and can be assessed by considering the voting rights from those shareholdings. In other cases, the assessment will be more complex and require more than one factor to be considered, for example when power results from one or more contractual arrangements.
12 An investor with the current ability to direct the relevant activities has power even if its rights to direct have yet to be exercised. Evidence that the investor has been directing relevant activities can help determine whether the investor has power, but such evidence is not, in itself, conclusive in determining whether the investor has power over an investee
13 If two or more investors each have existing rights that give them the unilateral ability to direct different relevant activities, the investor that has the current ability to direct the activities that most significantly affect the returns of the investee has power over the investee. => current ability to direct current activities through the board.
14 An investor can have power over an investee even if other entities have existing rights that give them the current ability to participate in the direction of the relevant activities, for example when another entity has significant influence. However, an investor that holds only protective rights does not have power over an investee (see paragraphs B26–B28), and consequently does not control the investee.
15 An investor is exposed, or has rights, to variable returns from its involvement with the investee when the investor’s returns from its involvement have the potential to vary as a result of the investee’s performance. The investor’s returns can be only positive, only negative or both positive and negative.
16 Although only one investor can control...

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