Typical Developmental Profile Essay

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Developmental Profile (Typical)


Human development is the process of growth from a one-celled zygote through to a mature adult human being. Development occurs in the physical, cognitive and psychosocial realms and can be influenced by heredity, environment and maturation (Papalia et al., 2009).
During childhood, typical physical development involves the acquisition of the fine and gross motor skills including coordination, control, movement and manipulation. Typical physical development during adolescence involves pubescent changes as the body develops and matures sexually. During young adulthood, physical development involves one’s organs and systems operating ...view middle of the document...

Typical Physical Development in Emerging and Young Adulthood

Emerging and young adulthood is defined as the period from approximately twenty to forty years of age. Three criteria generally define adulthood: (1) accepting responsibility for one’s choices in life, (2) making decisions independently, and (3) moving towards financial independence (Arnett, 2006). “In modern industrialised countries, the achievement of these goals takes longer and follows far more varied routes than in the past” (Papalia et al., 2009, p.422). As a thirty-two year old male who has experienced a typical upbringing and patterns of development, Andrew is increasingly making decisions about achieving these goals, which may be influenced by his lifestyle and career decisions. During this time period in his life, genetics, health and fitness, sexuality, and socioeconomic status have been determined to influence typical physical development during young adulthood (Arnett, 2006).
The direction of an individual’s physical health for the rest of their life may be established during young adulthood. Typically, genetics contributes positively to the health and development of a young adult, however it may also be influenced by behavioural factors which includes what an individual eats, whether he gets enough sleep, the amount of physical activity, and whether he drinks alcohol, smokes, or use drugs (Papalia et al., 2009). During young adulthood, the reduction of fat consumption, especially of saturated fats, controlling cholesterol through diet and increased cardiovascular activity are directly related to lowering risk factors of cardio vascular disease later in life (Shepherd et al., 1995).
According to Daniel Levinson (1986), a theorist known for his creation of developmental stages for men and then later women, males during young adulthood typically experience excellent stamina, vigour and robust physical functioning with respect to their health. Having had yet to be subjected to age-related physical deterioration, their strength, coordination, reaction time, senses, motor skills and sexual drive are at a maximum (Levinson, 1986). While enjoying society’s emphasis on youthfulness, they typically have healthy skin, all or most of their hair and well-defined muscles. Young adulthood is a time when anything seems possible and with the right attitude and energy, anything can be achieved.
Milestones during young adulthood are becoming harder to delineate and are primarily psychosocial in nature for males at this stage (Levinson, 1986). They may include marriage, having children, achieving social and vocational success, and may also vary widely across cultures and socioeconomic status as well as from one male to the next during young adulthood. The connection between socioeconomic status and health during young adulthood however is becoming more widely documented (Papalia et al., 2009). Educational achievement is also becoming recognized as a...

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