Tyranny Of The Majority Essay

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Freedom is one of the most vulnerable things in human’s life. Since the beginning of life, mankind has tried to become free. When we look at the dusty pages of history, it is obvious that, roughly all wars and struggles in history stem from passion of freedom. The importance and necessity of freedom is indisputable and M.Roshwald (2000) emphasized the importance of freedom with these words; ‘’Give me liberty, or give me death’’ (p.1). However, in today’s world, freedom is limited by dictators or majorities. J.S.Mill (1859), claims that, majority, which means the most active part of the society, may desire to oppress minorities and precautions are needed against this abuse of power. Mill ...view middle of the document...

As a result of that process, minorities prefer to stifle their thoughts, which are limited, and become ordinary or else they are alienated by majorities. A great number of adversities wait these alienated minorities. Roshwald (2000) exemplified this situation from history like that; government of Soviet Union granted the liberties of Jews, who were in minority in Soviet Union, but Soviet citizens rejected the claims of Jews members of a whole entity. Jews right of thought were denied by majority. Furthermore it shows tyranny of majority is more dreadful than political oppression because dictators can make laws, which restrict human’s actions, but these laws cannot destroy people’s ideas and thoughts. However some people said that censorships, which are applied by government, can limit different thoughts. Dictators or government decide what their people will read, hear and see or how they will be educated. However this idea was confuted by citizens of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen at the beginning of 2010 that was the beginning of Arab Spring. Governments of these countries implemented a great number of censorships but citizens benefit from social network and spread their thoughts via Twitter or Facebook. Maybe they were immobilized but their ideas brought freedom to all country. It is obvious that dictators did not prevent freedom of thought. However tyranny of majority can prevent freedom of thought easily and undoubtedly it is the cruelest penalty for mankind. According to Aristoteles, ‘’ Human is a rational animal’’ (p.154). Aristoteles saying emphasizes the importance of thinking and freedom of thought and only majorities can restrict it because of this reason social tyranny is more formidable than any political oppression.

Secondly, social progress is indispensable for welfare and development of society. According to F.Nietzsche (1885), ‘’ Human is a polluted river. One must be a sea, to receive a polluted river and not be defiled’’ (p.148). In this case ‘’must be a sea’’ refers to personal development and progress. If anybody in society improved themselves, it would contribute to society’s welfare, success and development. Roshwald (2000) claims the freedom of the individual has been defined as a basic condition for his development. By being able to select various ways in studies, in occupations – the individual is exposed to actual variety of experiences and is stimulated to reflect and get involved, and then personality develops. However, tyranny of majority limits personal development, thus limits social progress. Societies, which are under the pressure of majority, improvement will stop and corruption will appear in next period. Societies, which have no social progress, are extremely dangerous and cruel because uneducated, corrupted and bigoted people have no limits. These people tend to resort to violence more frequently and they do whatever they want. For instance, Sivas massacre suits to this example. At the beginning of 90’s,...

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