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Ucas Personal Statement Essay

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UCAS Personal StatementIt has taken me a while to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life but I know I've made the right choice with teaching. The thought of becoming a teacher has inspired me to re-enter further education and continue into higher.The two main passions in my life are Art and Literature, so I want to do course involving either one of both of these subjects. I am currently taking both of these subjects at A level and enjoying them immensely. And I also received an award for Literature at the end of last year.I think my love of literature ...view middle of the document...

I enjoy looking at other artists work and appreciate it when people offer me constructive critism of my work. In addition to my A levels I also took an open college a unit in Education Studies. This gave me the opportunity to do work experience with adults with learning difficulties at my college. I found the experience useful and it has enabled me to make an informed decision as to the age group I wish to teach. I took the course to test my commitment to teaching. If knew that if I could go through with the work experience even though I knew I didn't want to work with adults with learning difficulties then I would have the patience to teach teenagers. Teaching post-16 is my goal because it will enable me to pass on an in depth knowledge of my chosen subject.I have also done work experience with children of playschool age while I was at school. I originally did this work experience because I couldn't do my first choice, but I am extremely glad I did this one because I wouldn't have found out how fulfilling teaching can be.Another subject I am taking in addition to my A level programme is a B-Unit in creative writing. I am told an Open College North-West B-Unit is the equivalent to an A level, and it helps me put into practice and supports the things I learn in English.

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