Uderstanding The Patient Intake Process Essay

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Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Deborah Carmichael


July 11, 2010
Allen Chighizola, MBA, S.S.P.

Steps in the Medical Billing Process

There are several steps in the medically billing process. These steps should be followed to ensure appropriate, timely payment for patient’s medical services. Further, these 10 steps help provide more billing accuracy for medical service providers.
The first step is to pre-register the patient. This procedure involves collecting current information, such as, address, phone number, and updated insurance information. After this is done appointments are scheduled.
In the next step it is the medical insurance specialist ...view middle of the document...

Insurance cards, and photo Id’s should be copied and put in the patient’s file. Also, co-payments should be collected at the time of service.
In addition, there are forms that should be filled out by the patient. These forms are a part of the process of recording clinical and administrative facts about the patient.
The fourth step is checking out the patient. The first task in this step is to record medical codes for the visit. When health care professionals examine or treat patients, they document the patient’s diagnoses and procedures in medical records. To bill for the visit, the medical procedure, or treatment, must be assigned a code. A physician, or a medical coder can assign these codes, or a medical insurance may handle this task. The medical insurance specialist verifies these codes with the data in the patient’s medical record. Each procedure the physician performs is assigned a procedure code.
Step five is reviewing coding compliance. This means satisfying official requirements. Coding compliance further entails following official guidelines when codes are assigned. When codes are selected they must be checked for errors. Medical services that are document must be logically connected, so that the payer understands the necessity of the charges.
Step six is checking billing compliance. Each charge or fee is related to a specific billing code. Provider’s fees are listed on the medical practice’s fee schedule. Most medical practices are standard. There is a separate fee associated with each code, however each code is not necessarily billable. Billing for the code depends on the...

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