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Uk Membership Of The European Essay

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UK Membership of the European Union

The case for British exit from the European Union
1. Free trade 
* Britain could have the opportunity to negotiate new free trade agreements with major EU trade partners and fast-growing emerging countries such as the BRICs, MINTs and Sub Saharan Africa
* Britain would benefit from freeing itself from many of the EU's complex and expensive laws & regulations

2. Budget savings
* Leaving the EU would cut our contributions to the EU budget - a UK fiscal windfall
* Food prices would possibly be lower if we left the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

3. Exports
* The UK is Europe's biggest export market. So Europe needs the UK as a trade partner for both to be successful in the long term

4. Economic policy autonomy
* The UK would retain greater control over fiscal and monetary policy and also gain more freedom over labour market, competition and environmental policies

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Extra costs 
* Extra costs for businesses as they ajust to new legal frameworks outside of the EU
* Europe might decide to retaliate and prevent favourable trade deals with UK
* UK's net annual spending on the EU budget is tiny – less than 1% of GDP (about the same as UK overseas aid) - for small budget savings, the long-run economic cost of leaving the EU will be high
* EU students can apply to study at any university in the bloc and pay the same fees as nationals - this might change in the event of a UK exit
* Over 1.8 million UK people live in the EU, it might become harder and more costly for them to live and work in EU countries because the EU single market allows free movement. Some EU countries might introduce an investment visa requirement

Background statistics on the UK economic relationship with the EU
The EU is the UK's major trading partner, accounting for 45% of exports and 53% of imports of goods and services in 2014. The share of UK trade accounted for by the EU 28 is lower than a decade ago. Some argue that the share of UK trade accounted for by the EU is exaggerated by the "Rotterdam effect" whereby trade recorded as being with the Netherlands is actually with non-EU countries. While this effect cannot be quantified, it does not alter the fact that the EU is the UK's main trading partner. Even if all trade with the Netherlands were excluded, the EU would still account for 42.5% of goods exports and 46.7% of goods imports.
Both the Coalition government and the previous Labour government stated that over three million jobs are linked, directly or indirectly, to exports to the EU. This is not the number of jobs linked with membership of the EU as some trade with EU countries would still take place if the UK were to leave the EU.
The EU is a major source of inward investment into the UK. In 2013, EU countries accounted for £453 billion of the stock of inward Foreign Direct Investment, 46% of the total. A 2014 survey by EY found that the UK was the second most attractive destination for FDI in Western Europe.
EU budget
The UK's net contribution to the EU Budget in 2014 is estimated at £9.8 billion, up from £3.3 billion in 2008 and £7.4 billion in 2010. It is forecast to fluctuate between £8.0 billion and £9.9 billion a year between 2014/15 and 2019/20.

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