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Uk Office Etiquette Essay

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UK office etiquette
In Britain, people are very polite and reserved. They pay a lot of attention to manners and are extremely punctual. Knowledge about British culture and their etiquette plays a vital role in creating a good impression while doing business in Britain.
* The British pays a lot of attention to their office attire. It is conservative for both men and women. Dark suits, usually black, blue and grey are well accepted. Men's shirts should not have a pocket. If shirts have pockets, it must be empty. Single colored or pattered ties must be worn. Striped ties are not well received. For women, a color doesn't matter, however their attire must maintain a conservative image. ...view middle of the document...

" Punctuality is considered sacred and people are expected to attend meetings and appointments on time. However, in Canada, in the French areas, time is more relaxed.
* In U.S. business culture, business dressing tends to vary. While in the east most people wear business suits in the west coast, a more relaxed approach to dressing is the norm. Executives in most regions of the country, however, usually dress formally. When in doubt, dress conservatively; you cannot go wrong with it.
* While addressing a stranger, one could use Sir, Ma'am, or Miss. And, when responding, it is polite to answer "Yes, Ma'am", "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Miss" as a sign of respect - especially if the person is older than you or if it is a formal conversation. This rule applies to both American and Canadian business etiquette.
* It is advisable to stand at an approximate distance of one arm's length from an individual when introducing yourself. Offer a firm handshake, lasting 3-5 seconds, upon greeting and leaving. Never address people with their first names. Unless they ask you, always stick to Mr., Mrs., Miss, and Ms. If you don't know the marital status of a woman, the rule is not to assume, always use Ms.
* Personal space or gestures differ slightly with the Canadians. In a formal gathering, there is minimal body movement in American business culture. French Canadians stand closer and are more demonstrative and expressive. Though a hand shake is expected in Canadian business etiquette, it is better for men to wait for a woman to extend her hand for a handshake.
* The basic rule of introduction to follow is to introduce lower ranking individuals to higher ranking individuals. And yes always include titles (e.g., Dr., Judge, etc.) and name prefix (e.g., Mr., Mrs. Ms.).
* Americans often ask, "What do you do?" to start a conversation. This kind of question is not regarded presumptuous, but is rather a way to show interest in the individual by showing interest in his or her job.
* Unlike in Japan or in China, exchanging business card is viewed as an ordinary or casual activity and follows no formal rules in both American and Canadian business etiquette.

UK dining etiquette
In Britain, people are very polite and reserved. They pay a lot of attention to manners and are extremely punctual. Knowledge about British culture and their etiquette plays a vital role in creating a good impression while doing business in Britain.
* Greeting hosts/guests: The usual way of greeting your hosts is shaking hands with them. But the one little gesture that many of us miss out while shaking hands is the opening statement like 'Thank you for taking out time and joining me for lunch' or 'Hello, I am so and so.'
* Using cutlery: Fork is always held on the left hand and the knife on the right. The prongs of the fork must always point downwards. While eating dessert, a dessert spoon is used in place of a knife and one must never try putting food...

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