Uk’s China Policies Since 2010 Essay

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UK’s China Policies since 2010
Abstract: Since the Conservative Party and Liberal Democratic Party formed the Coalition Government in 2010, UK has adopted “distinctive” British Foreign policies, which attaches more importance to developing relations with China and held a positive attitude toward Chinese rise. Looking at UK’s stagnant financial situation, the changing international pattern, and UK’s persistence in humanity, this essay reveals that UK’s China policies tend to be more pragmatic and flexible: it gives priority to bilateral economic cooperation while engages with China’s politics in a milder way. Using ...view middle of the document...

The United Kingdom (UK), a country important to Europe and the whole world, has established diplomatic relations with China at the ambassadorial level since 1972. Although the bilateral relations at some points in history have been complicated, the following decades witnessed positive and stable development overall, despite some twists and turns. In recent years, the UK has seen the rise of China and hopes to see China play a greater role in international affairs. In 2004, the two countries established the comprehensive strategic partnership.
In the election of May 2010, the Cameron Coalition Government came into office. The UK’s policies toward China since then have been more flexible and pragmatic than ever before, taking economic interests as priority despite ideological differences. UK sees UK and China as “partners for growth” (Hague, Britain par. 9) and the two countries have made a positive progress in economic cooperation: Prime Minister David Cameron visited China in October 2011 and at the end of 2013, with a larger trade mission each time, signing a number of official and enterprise cooperation agreements. Lately, Britain becomes the first western country that applies to join in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which expects further financial cooperation in the near future. Unlike the smooth progress in economic field, the political development between the two countries is intricate. Although the exchange of high level visits did build rapports between the two countries, the human rights problem still bothers the bilateral relations. Cameron and Clegg‘s meeting with Dalai Lama in 2012 provoked severe criticism from Chinese government. China cancelled several ministerial conferences with Britain; the bilateral relations came to a standstill. The changes in Chinese government in 2013 provided an opportunity for UK to repair its relationship with China. At the end of 2013, David Cameron’s second visit to China embodies the restoration of diplomatic relations between two countries. In his speech UK and China's Long-term Relationship, he emphasized “the importance of broadening our relationship beyond trade and working together to tackle the 21st century challenges” (par. 9) and pointed that “[UK and China] should approach these [challenges] with mutual respect and understanding” (par. 12).
Through evaluating UK’s policy to China (mainly economic and political), this essay will investigate UK’s China-policies’ pragmatism and flexibility and the reasons for the features. To achieve the aim, this paper will proceed in two parts. The first part deals with the contents of policies from economic dimension (trade cooperation) and politic dimension (conflicts over human rights). In the second part, it will try to explore the reason behind its characters.
Literature on foreign policies of Coalition Government has been enormous. Generally, many literatures review the peaceful status quo of China-UK relations from...

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