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A application about UK’a quality life
   UK, as a developed country, undoubtedly has a high quality of life and owns important international influence because of its strong economy and military. How does one island country become so powerful? The suitable environment, democratic politics system and colorful culture constitute the great country.
   UK’s nice environment not only be good for local people’s quality of life, but also influences the economic development of UK. First of all, UK has ample natural resources, the strategic resource played important part in UK’s history. For example, British took advantage of the abundant coal and oil finished its industrial revolution quickly, ...view middle of the document...

   The perfect politics system has good effect on the development of UK. First of all, the government officers are voted by citizens directly, it stand for the will of people. This politics system can make sure the government’s approach could be accepted by most of people. In Democracy the governmental power is transferred by counting secret votes during elections. To accept such transfer people and parties must be 100% sure that electoral results are fair and square: doubts about the legitimacy of the winner can damage the political life of the country and even bring riots and revolutions( It means the government leader must be elected by citizens, if someone was found cheating or be doubted the legitimacy by the populace, it will cause serious political troubles, therefore the government must be the representative for most citizens and focus on solving the people’s problems to improve people’s quality of life. In addition, the Prime Minister was supervised by other independent country organization in UK. If people are unsatisfied with government, the parliament has power to fire the Prime Minister or any government officer. In a parliamentary system, with a collegial executive, power is more divided. It can also be argued that power is more evenly spread out in the power structure of parliamentarianism ( It shows us in democracy countries President or Prime Minister usually do not have over power, the government’s decisions have to be discussed by other parties before it becomes effective, if it was not generally accepted by people, it will not pass. The UK’s politics system means British have high level of democracy, level of democracy are one quality of life indicators, it shows the most of people conduct this country not only the government officers. Also, high level of level was one important standard of developed countries, for example, US, Japan, Canada, South Korea all has high level of democracy, and in high level of democracy countries the government corruption is slight because of its supervision system. In a word, UK’s perfect politics system shows they own high level of democracy, it means British has high quality of life.
  UK’s culture is colorful, this colorful culture makes UK be more distinctive. British...

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