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Uncommon Works Of Art Essay

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One of the 'works of art' that I have chosen is a formal dress. I have chosen a specific formal dress because I can relate with the 'feeling' that it gives. The dress is very dramatic and designed well. Color has a lot to do with the feeling or emotion something portrays. This dress is black with red roses and a princess design. (A picture is attached) The color black gives it the dramatic look and makes the dress seem serious. The red roses with the ...view middle of the document...

The colors you wear represent your mood and feelings. The dress was designed out of creativity and the colors were chosen to match the design. A clothing designer is an artist because they can see the people that will be wearing the clothes before they even finish designing them. It forms from their mind into a 2-dementional piece of art to a solid full design.Reference:Author Unknown. 2005. Evening Rose. Available: are also 'works of art' and not considered to be. A guitar is very complex and intricate. You can design one thing wrong on a guitar and it will not work correctly. The music that comes out of the guitar is considered art, but not many people think about the design or the guitar as art. Creativity is a big factor when creating a guitar. You have to make your guitar design different from any other, but still sound as good as the others. This is a very difficult process and takes a while to create. There are things to consider like depth, strings, face design, and neck length. This comes from an idea to a 2-dementional piece of art to a designed and good playing piece of art.Reference:Author Unknown. 2003. Gibson Guitars. Available:

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