Uncomplicated Steps You May Take For Preserve Your Butcher Block Searching Gorgeous

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Butcher blocks have usually been created from pieces of maple or maybe a equivalent hardwood bonded with each other to type a solid slab. Butcher blocks happen to be utilized for numerous years and lately have grown to be well known in modern kitchen designs. Much more of late, butcher blocks have become out there inside a selection of imported hardwoods.
Historically butcher blocks were utilized for cutting meats. The fat tough surfaces had been excellent for the heavy blows of a meat cleaver down to the slicing action of a carving blade. Now most butcher blocks serve extra of an aesthetic use in the contemporary kitchen.

Butcher blocks ought to be finished regularly with a mineral ...view middle of the document...

When refinishing a butcher block, you might choose to sand the plane in the wood to acquire rid of old stains, scratches and marks. Sanding may also be applied to eliminate a polyurethane or varnish finish that was applied by mistake.

A random orbital sander is best for the sanding procedure. If the wood is in rough shape you may wish to begin with an 80 grit sandpaper. As you sand the block smoother and smoother, it is imperative to "work by the grits". This implies that every time you sand you use finer and finer sandpaper. Every finer grade of sandpaper will remove the scratches left by the earlier grade. An instance of this is to start will an 80grit sandpaper, subsequent use 120grit, then 240grit, and lastly 400 grit. In case your butcher block requirements only simple sanding, you are able to start with all the 240 grit and finish using the 400 grit. Depending on your desired finish, you may skip the 400 grit sanding.

When sanding out gouges and scratches, keep in mind that in the event you don't sand the...

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