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Unconventional Marketing Methods Essay

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Advertisements began in the mid-1800s when descriptive ads were placed in periodicals, newspapers, or on a poster with typographical descriptions of a product. (Heller and Chwast 25) “PAYN & McNaughton’s Fine Smoking Tobacco. Albany” [Figure 3.1] was an advertisement selling tobacco informing the name of the shop, the product, and location of where to buy. Businesses realized the advantages of successfully advertising a product, which caused advertising to grow and imagery to be added to type by the end of the 1800s. A circus poster [Figure 3.2] was labeled “American National Caravan” and included illustrations of the “Royal Tiger of Asia”, “The Jaguar”, “Lama,” etc. to attract a consumer’s ...view middle of the document...

Similarly, radio advertising was invented in the 1920s and voices were heard describing products to listeners across the country. (Hallock) Radio grew as companies paid for commercials and then client-sponsored radio programs and advertisements reached additional ears. In 1941, the first paid television advertisement was broadcast. (Stewart) Television commercials became a new approach to attain the attention of the most viewers in the same way radio had prior. In essence, as society and technology transforms, advertising adjusts to new media in order to attract, persuade, or remind consumers about a businesses’ product.

4. Current Changes in Advertising Due to Technology Shifts
Since the invention of the Internet, advertising has been changing at a rapid pace in order to comply with growing technological capabilities and new media. More importantly, society has revised how it interacts with advertising as a result of demographic and technological shifts. Advertising is adapting to how society interacts with advertising as well as new media with which it is made. Advertisements today still have the intended purpose of reaching consumers, however consumers use digital media to watch television, current smartphones to listen to music and surf the internet, etc. unlike the recent past.
These new forms of media affect how generations are viewing and interacting with objects and therefore advertising is changing just as quickly to accommodate. The millennial generation is the first to have matured with digital technology, applying social media and mobile devices in new ways of communication. Ty Montague, previous creative director of ad agency, JWT New York, affirmed that mass-market commercial messages are declining, demonstrating what many are aware of today, which is current customers are bored by what individuals now see as traditional advertising (Lucas, Guerrilla Advertising 2 __) Millennials tend to seek out information and engage in two-way brand conversations rather than listening to mass-marketing messages. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012)
In this paper I focus on the progression of unconventional marketing methods from 2004 to 2014. What were initially visual plays on scale, medium, and interactivity have reached new extremes in recent years. The introduction of smart phone applications and viral videos has changed the path of these visual case studies; advertisements seemed to be getting physically larger to gain attention from more individuals, such as unique billboards and floor decorations introduced around 2004-2006. However, viral videos enable a personal interaction to be viewable to anyone with the Internet, making physical size of an ad insignificant. The progress of gamification as an advertising tool has transformed these visual case studies from a stunt or physically interacting with an object.
Gavin Lucas wrote two books on guerrilla marketing, Guerrilla Marketing being published in 2006 and Guerrilla Marketing 2 being...

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