Under Paid Police Officers Essay

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Hunter Tanner
Mrs. Moonshower
English 1010
April 6, 2015

Under Paid Police Officers
All the time I see on the news how a police officer has been shot, or how the police officer has been in a gunfight with a criminal on the street. It’s frightening to see every day officers of the law risk their lives to keep the criminals off the street and to keep us safe. I have family and friends that are police officers and oftentimes they have to find secondary work because of the poor pay they have as officers. I believe police officers should be paid more because of the hours they have to work on the holidays, the criminals they have to encounter, and because there would be less ...view middle of the document...

A solution to this overwhelming problem would to be offer bonuses to the officers who are spending there holiday seasons working.
Police officers not only problems at home with the hours that they work, but with the criminals they have to encounter also. Every day an officer gets dressed in that dark blue uniform and has no clue on what his/her day might hold. Their day may be filled with parking tickets or they might have to chase down a man who was brutally beating his wife in a domestic violence call. There are thousands of different scenarios that can happen to any officer at any time of the day. Recently in the news you have seen this big conflict between Officers and African Americans. Which makes it even more dangerous for police officers to patrol the areas where a majority of African Americans live. It has led to many people targeting police officers by trying to harm and hurt them. In many ways this puts a big impact on good officers that are just trying to go out, do their job, and come home safely. Why should they be put in more harm’s way when they are only trying to serve and protect the American citizens? A big group targeting police officers is a prison gang called the Black Guerrilla Family, which the FBI has issued a warning for the situation. This is putting officers at even more of a risk for not only them, but there families.
The underpaying of police officers is also leading to corruption within the departments and the city’s. With police officers being paid more you would see less officers falling into bad situations and have to become corrupt officers to just make ends meat. As Corey Sheppard stated in an online forum debating the issue “Better salaries would mean less corrupted police. Underpaid policemen can be even more...

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