Under The Wave Of Hanryu Essay

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Professor Erin McLaughlin Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric 12 November 2014

Under the Wave Hanryu Lights go on. Music hallows across the concert hall. A group of Korean teenage singers come on stage and start singing and dancing. Audience sing along, in relatively awkward pronunciation. Some cry in joy, some shout their excitement out as if to show their affection. Yes, they are under the wave, “Hanryu.” Hanryu is a term that refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korean pop culture. Initiated by the spread of Korean dramas across East, South, and Southeast Asia, Hanryu solidified its impact through the spread of Korean pop music. The “Hanryu” wave has spread ...view middle of the document...

Japan exploited this document to forcefully open up Korean ports to Japanese trade and to grant extraterritorial rights to Japanese citizens. Soon, the period of Japanese imperial colonial administration began; Koreans were forced to follow Japanese officials’ commands and hence were significantly influenced by Japanese culture, education, and much more. Koreans were severely mistreated with numerous tortures and unequal rights, but the consequence of any sign of rebellion against Japanese rule was public execution. Korea was officially annexed with Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910, when Japan was defeated in World War II (Moon). Korea has become an independent nation again, but the impact Japan has brought into the country was irreversible. In fact, it is the main causes of modern controversies between these two countries – a wall that impeded Hanryu from being accepted in Japan just like in other countries. The Japanese imperial period isn’t just a historical event to Koreans; in fact, it is still a sensitive topic that makes Koreans furious. It is not surprising that anti-Japanese sentiment is prevalent across the nation. Koreans who initiated rebellions or who participated are still regraded as national heroes in the country; the fact that these figures were killed by Japanese soldiers back then is a trigger to Koreans’ enragement. For example, the March 1st

Movement of 1991, the most well-known rebellion and which also acted as a catalyst for all other ones, is still “remembered in all Koreans heart” (Soh). 2 million people participated, 46,000 were arrested, 7,500 were killed, and 14,000 were wounded (Soh). Despite the losses, independence movements continued, as well as Japan’s violent repressions. This event is now a “must-know” fact in Korea: it is narrated in every textbook and numerous museums were build just for the memorial of the casualties in this March 1st movement. Another main source of hostility is the existence of comfort women and forced labors during Japanese Imperial Era. Historical documents show 450,000 male laborers were involuntarily sent to Japan to be forced to work under Japanese government. 200,000 comfort women were also forced to serve as Japanese military brothels as a form of sexual slavery (Soh). The descendants of these victims as well as their relatives actively inquest Japan to officially apologize. Even after several apologies, Koreans’ anger is far from fading away. Furthermore, the tortures and mistreatments that Japan has enforced upon Korea are also still reminded

by numerous museums. All of this acted as a chain to deepen the hostility of many Korean civilians towards the Japanese government, and even towards Japan itself. Anti-Korean Sentiment: vice versa As much as anti-Japanese sentiment is prevalent in Korea, same sensation emerged in Japan as well: anti-Korean sentiment. This attitude comes from various sources as well. First of all, there’s a discrepancy in the details of the...

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