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Underage Driving Essay

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Teens under the age of 21 should not be required to drive with a passenger who is 21 or older because an individual’s maturity should be based on the person not their age. Maturity is a quality that is gained over time, not something you instantaneously posses once turning a specific age. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you have to get experience in order to master something. Having a chaperone is pointless because they’re not teaching the person anything they haven’t already learned in driving school and ultimately neglects the concept of responsibility for driving. Also, there is no just evidence supporting the fact that the driver’s chaperone has better judgment than the underage ...view middle of the document...

“Age doesn’t guarantee maturity” was a perfectly stated quote made by Lawanna Blackwell that basically implies just because a person is of age, doesn’t mean they have the mental component of maturity. The mental component is the pivotal element of maturity you should have while being behind the wheel. Once reaching the age of 18 it is assumed you have the knowledge of good and bad decision making. So as long as you have that knowledge it is no longer up to anybody else to assist you with it. Spending money or getting a job isn’t required to be accompanied by someone who’s 21, so neither should driving. Essentially, these things are taught to you and then eventually done on your own. Only time can help you master this characteristic, not age.

If the age limit to drive unsupervised is 21 then teens shouldn’t be able to get any type of licensed credential until they are 21. There is no reason to give them this responsibility if you feel they aren’t old enough. They only sat through countless classes, passed the aptitude test, and exhibited the necessary technical ability to a professional driving instructor in order to drive. That means nothing. They have to wait a few more years for them to acquire the proper amount of maturity right? Wrong, it they passed all these examinations the only thing left up to them at that point decision making and that will only be gained through responsibility. Responsibility is not being given to a person if they are being supervised.

Age will never substitute experience. It is unjust to automatically give a 40 year old...

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