Understanding Consumer Behavior Essay

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Understanding Consumer Behavior

Week 3 and 4 CanGo Analysis Report

Team D – The Achievers
Joselyn Palmeri
Rodger Phillips
Viridiana Saenzpardo
Brenda Thomas
Carlene Watson

Business 460 Senior Project
February 3, 2013

Issue #1: No process flow chart, complaints and returns were biggest problems last year – Rodger Phillips
Implementing a process flow chart for the processes at CanGo is important, because they do not currently have one and it would really benefit the company as a whole. It is also important because helps with accountability and knowing who, what, when, where, and why.
Recommendation #1
By creating a flow chart, CanGo will be better able to more ...view middle of the document...

CanGo must understand and connect to the needs and want of the consumers. These are important steps toward being successful and to increase and discover hidden clients. The goal should be to increase their sales and profits without increasing marketing and advertising costs.
Recommendation #2
CanGo’s opportunities lie in the Japanese market. This would be an excellent move for CanGo to partner with a Japanese firm to continue their growth there.
Alliances and Joint Ventures is a good strategy for CanGo. According to an article on Hidden Marketing Assets (2013), marketing alliances you create with other businesses can create a great benefit to your sales and profits growing. These might be with customer businesses, non-competitive or competitive businesses, organizations and other groups. These relationships can create a great deal of credibility for you and your alliance or joint venture partner.
They also have an opportunity to further continue into the online gaming industry, as it has seen rapid growth which CanGo can capitalize on.
Issue #3: Lack of knowledge about other business opportunities – Carlene Watson
There is customer potential in places like Japan and China and possibly other countries that CanGo doesn’t know anything about, and yet those customers are the reason their order volumes increased.
Recommendation #3
How hot is the online gaming market? According to a report from China Daily.com.cn, the total revenue of China’s online gaming industry is expected to hit 68.5 billion yuan ($11 billion) in 2013, driven by rapid expansion in the mobile games and browser game sectors. The article went to on to say that the online gaming industry’s revenue this year is likely to top 56 billion yuan.
In December 2002, the most popular top selling game, "The Sims", went live to online gaming. David Cole, President of DFC Intelligence states, "Sims Online is a real test of the market potential. Past subscription based online games have tended to be fantasy oriented games that appeal to a predominately male audience." Cole warns that the competition is intense for online gaming developers, but business opportunities exist "to serve the companies that are developing all these games”. (Zarhosky, D. 2012)
CanGo marketing team should explore opportunities and customer demands in China. Once the demographics, consumer trends and other relevant data has been collected and analyzed, CanGo should then make an educated conclusion. The data gathered will provide the essential awareness into which marketplace and countries would allow CanGo the most financial benefit. It is good that they noted the additional shipping to Japan, but clearly the management team at CanGo does not follow through on their projects. The fact that they have no idea what is driving the Japanese orders shows a lack of clarity on their target market.
Issue #4: Productivity problems/Jumbled flow and long search times - Vidi Saenzpardo

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