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Understanding Of Own Role Essay

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Understanding of own role, responsibilities and boundaries

Things to do

* What is a role of a teacher?
* What is the aim of the teacher?
* Why it plays important part in our society?
* Legislation/regulation/code of practice
* Describing generic code of practice and teaching code of practice.
* Sharing my experiences and understanding of my role with in further education sector.
* Understanding the responsibilities of a teacher
* What strategies I can apply
* Give the examples of my responsibilities.
* Boundaries of a teacher

The range of wide and professional duties conducted by teacher to help to learn, share the knowledge and ...view middle of the document...

I need to communicate in such a way that all learners have the confidence to discuss openly. The subject they are working and assessing or evaluating the session will identify if the aims and learning outcomes have been understood and achieved. Evaluating and obtaining a feedback from the learners and evaluating to modify and make changes in the future.

Legislation, regulation and codes
Legislation refers to the laws governing us. Organisations, educational establishment, lecturers, teachers, tutors must obey these laws within the organisation.

There are following legislation that I need to be aware of, when I am teaching in a class:
1) Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
2) Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 (DDA)
3) Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and amended (2003)
4) Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 (SENDA)
5) Data Protection Act (1998)
6) Equality Act (2006)
7) Children Act (2004)
8) Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (amended 2008)

My role is to safeguard and make the learner feel safe and secure in their learning environment. The Health and Safety act is applied within teaching which comprises of several issues that must be abide by, such as its my duty as a teacher to make sure that I comply with it and share my knowledge with learners. It is my responsibility to make it certain that learners are aware and have been introduced to the rules of the institution and to deliver the important aspects of the legislation. 
As a teacher I would promote the quality Act 2010 by providing learners with good knowledge and experiences. My role as a teacher is to ensure I educate learners how to bring equality within our society such as gender, age, race, religion, sex, disability and marriage/civil partnership.
I would consider to make adjustments for the learners that might require additional support or assistant, in order to implement this, I would identify this by meeting the student at first and listening to them and then try helping them out if possible.
I would comply with the professional accreditation to meet the requirement of learners; it will increase my status as a teacher by complying with the act by adhering to learner’s integrity, practice, care, respect, disclosure and responsibility.
Code of Practice: A set of rules outlining how a person in a particular profession, area and situation is expected to behave. There are two codes of practice which are given...

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