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Understanding Organisational Culture Essay

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Understanding Organisational Culture is not only a useful tool for managers, it is necessary to go forward. Organisational learning should be systematic and should include all the people concerned. Managers in particular have the potential to change an organisation and therefore they should act in an exemplary way.
Cultures in organisation is defined by how the organisation is run, how the personalities within the organisation interact with each other and also how the structure of the company is set out. We can see this when we look at how different counties operate, for example the French are very self-righteous and therefore stick up for what they believe in, hence why they have blocked ...view middle of the document...

Your employees are happier when they are courteous and respectful of one another. They want their achievements to be recognized. When you provide sufficient instructions to your subordinates, you enable them to do their jobs effectively. When you help employees identify with your company's mission and goals, you are likelier to keep them long-term.
The way your company interacts with customers and its public audience impacts your company's image. If you alienate your external audience, you risk losing your source of income. Ensure tactful communication strategies to promote a positive impression. Effective advertisements speak to the intended audience. Customers expect to be treated with courtesy by you and your employees. Maintain a professional voice in your emails, letters and other correspondence. Ensure your website is welcoming and simple to navigate. Press releases need contact information and newsworthy content.

I have covered a lot of ground in this article and there is much more to say on many of the topics. My aim is to open some avenues for thought and exploration rather than to present finished work. Nevertheless I believe that by adopting a complexity perspective we can look at organisational culture and change in completely different ways. We start to...

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