Understanding People And The Health Care Environment Reflection And Discussion Of Group Presentation

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Greta Balodis and her transition to a residential health care facility, with an emphasis on person centred care of late adulthood people with dementia.

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Greta is an elderly patient with dementia. The main identified issue in the case scenario is the provision of quality care as the patient transitions to a residential healthcare facility. Once she relocates, Greta was not provided with person-centred care to help manage the symptoms of dementia and to lower the mortality risks of her condition. Whilst this care is essential to Greta’s wellbeing, it is important to recognize the barriers and enablers of her care at the ...view middle of the document...

22, pp. 22-29).

Discussion of the factors contributing to the scenario- i.e. analysis, interpretation, and justification of ideas .

Various issues arise when providing residential care for Greta.
Some issues include ambivalence of caregivers towards residential care, disconnect between the services, risk negotiation, training needs, lack of collaboration and communication (Thune et al. 2010, vol. 9, pp.259-284). Nurses’s positive and negative behavioural and communicational influence between healthcare providers and Greta is one of the issue. Moreover, Greta’s ability adapting to the residential care and the strategies available to help her is the other issue.
Firstly, healthcare providers are increasingly becoming ambivalent towards the systemization of residential care. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the regulations, standards and guidelines for palliative care are increasing in number. This has lowered the flexibility of care and affected the caregiver’s ability to provide individualized (person-centered) care for patients with dementia (Lakey et al. 2012). Safety regulations have also imposed limitations on caregivers, which then interferes with their ability to deliver quality care. Thus, systemization of care for people with dementia could be a significant barrier against effective treatment . The rules and regulations imposed on caregivers creates tension and also hinders their ability to play their professional roles in an effective manner (Lawrence et al. 2011, vol. 1999, pp. 417-422.). This systemization creates a need to ensure flexibility of rules and processes to meet the individual needs of patients with dementia (Thune et al. 2010, vol. 9, pp.259-284).
Secondly, Greta’s transition may be affected by disconnect between the healthcare needs and the services delivered to patients. Patients with dementia require holistic care (Sampson, Burns & Richards 2011, vol. 199, pp.357-359). However, this care is not provided to patients such as Greta. This is because professionals such as general practitioners are often excluded from the patient’s care plan and treatment decision (Davies et al. 2014, vol. 22, pp. 386-394). This could hinder Greta’s transition and recovery process. It is therefore important that healthcare providers and stakeholders develop holistic care that integrates professionals, improve access to funds and build relationships among staff for better communication and collaborative care.
Thirdly, caregivers often have different perceptions of risk when treating elderly adults with dementia. Their perception of this risk affects their negotiation of it and the delivery of residential care for the patients (Harrison et al. 2012, vol. 2, pp. 103-107). Most often, caregivers assess risk appropriately because they have a desire to create trust with their patients to ensure that their interventions have a positive impact on the patients (Doyle & Rubinstein 2014, vol. 54, pp. 952-963). In some instances,...

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