Understanding The Business Setting Essay

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Understanding in the business setting
Cultural diversity in profession

Understanding in the business setting

Understanding the cultural, ethnic, and gender differences of other individuals is a pivotal corner stone of the business setting. Diversity encompasses many different categories. These categories, as it pertains to the workplace, include work experience, educational background, cultural, ethnic and gender differences. Without it, individuals in the work force run the risk of being insensitive to these differences and may end up offending their peers. When there is a lack of understanding, it can affect the performance of the work place, and can create ...view middle of the document...

Though some practices in the work place create barriers between individuals of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds or genders instead of breaking them down. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace. Though it is illegal to discriminate against an applicant or employee based on the race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, this does nothing to stop the practices of some business against applicants or employees based on one of those traits. They still treat one applicant or employee differently from another based solely on their differences, rather than the job requirements, work performance, past work experience or qualifications. This means that some establishments are willing pass over a qualified job applicant in favor of a more unqualified applicant because that individual is better suited for those businesses superficial preferences.
While doing the Lets be lefties for a day! assignment I realized how hard it is to function in a world designed for the majority. Even simple things like writing on a white board,...

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