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“Understanding the management role”
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1. The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders
1.1 Identify your organisation and describe its purpose
I am employed by Durham County Council as an Operations Manager in Culture and Sport. Durham County Council is the unitary ...view middle of the document...

DCC is made up of six service groups:
* Assistant Chief Executive, (civil contingencies, overview and scrutiny, partnerships and community engagement, planning and performance, policy and communications, records office)
* Children and Adult Services – Adults
* Children and Adult Services – Children
* Neighbourhood Services, (health and consumer protection, culture and sport, projects and business services, direct services, technical services)
* Regeneration and Economic Development, (economic development and housing, planning and assets, strategy, programmes and performance.
* Resources, (corporate finance, financial services, legal and democratic services, ICT, HR, internal audit and risk assessment)

The service objectives of Culture and Sport are:
* Altogether better: participation levels
* Altogether better: prosperity from sport and leisure related economic activity.
* Altogether better: equality of participation
* Altogether better: sustainable participation
* Altogether better: community participation

The Meadowfield Leisure Centre business plan is clearly aligned to the councils overall aims and objectives ensuring that the centre outputs are prioritised against the services key priorities and outcomes. The business plan links to these priorities in the following ways:
Altogether Healthier - the plan focuses on increasing participation in sport and physical activity by 1% in the plan period
Altogether Wealthier – developing a diverse and exciting sport and leisure environment along with raising the profile and market placement of the ‘Durham Leisure’ brand through events etc in a way to attract visitors and investment; this involves working with key stakeholders.
Altogether better for children and young people – the plan places children and young people at the core of the activities at MLC and seeks to engage further through programming and marketing.
Altogether greener – as a significant energy user the plan explores opportunities to monitor, reduce and better manage consumption at MLC.
Altogether safer – health and safety is of paramount concern in a sport and leisure environment, the plan recognises the need to continually review and improve to deliver high quality activities in a safe environment.
Altogether better council – value for money is placed at the heart of the decision making process at MLC. Benchmarking is carried out to ensure that areas of best practice are rolled out within the facility.

1.2 Explain your organisation’s structure, functional areas and managerial roles in relation to its purpose.

The indoor facilities unit (IFU) comprises of all Durham County Council (DCC) operated sport and leisure venues, the mission statement for the IFU is ‘Get fit – stay active – feel great. The strap line aligns itself with the governments overall aim for leisure departments under the Department of Culture Media and Sports ‘Game...

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