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Understanding The Ten Commandments Essay

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The Ten Commandments have been a subject matter of a large amount of controversy. Several do not beyond doubt understand its significance. A number of people believe that it should not be practiced today whereas others have a strong conviction that it should be. Although these Ten Commandments have been a obscurity for society it is possible to understand its true meaning. To accomplish this we must understand the Ten Commandments origin. Of course, we need to understand their main purpose, where they are found, who they were for, and how they relate to us today.

So that we can embark on our analysis of the Ten Commandments we ought to commence with their derivation. As we take a look the Ten Commandments can be found in the Bible, in Exodus chapter 20. There we determine the purpose of these Ten Commandments. When the Israelites are freed from ...view middle of the document...

While they would maintain loyal and obedient to him, he would be by their side and use them to bless other nations to come.

Sadly enough, as we continue to read in the bible, while Moses long forty day stay on the mountain, the people of Israel grew impatient and made a statue to worship. When Moses descended from the Mountain and saw the sight of idolatry, he destroyed the two pieces of stone with the Ten Commandments. Obviously, by their actions, the vast majority of the Israelites did not have trust or faith in Jehovah. As punishment, Jehovah obligated them to journey across the desert for forty years. However, better times did come subsequent to their blunder.

Although today some do know the history of the Ten Commandments and know some information about it, they do not understand how it relates to them in current times. Some may even ask or wonder why one should be concerned about these ancient laws. Indeed it is true these laws are not relevant to us today, nevertheless to many religions, such as Christianity, they can help us have morals or principals to live by and develop into better Christians. Applying them can permit our society to grow to be improved in its ethical standards. Following them may even facilitate us to enhance our comprehension of these laws and why Jehovah had given them to his people.
Due to the extensive investigation of these aspects we can obtain a clearer sight of what the connotation of the Ten Commandments actually is. A good number of people can unveil a mystery that seemed to get the erroneous idea for countless reasons. The origin of these laws and who they were for give us evidence that can be the foundation for the knowledge of the commandments. Moreover, the connection to the society of today can be the moral standards needed for the success of future generations to come. Therefore, the true significance of these sacred laws will not be gone astray in the past.

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