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Understanding What Data Needs To Be Collected

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1. Understand what data needs to be collected to support the HR practices

1.1 Explain why an organisation needs t collect and record HR data
There are many different reasons why organisations record HR data. On the legal side there are requirements to record data. It is important that organisations are operating in line with the law and government legislations and the only way to show they are compliant is via their data records. Legally companies are required to record data such as equal opportunity, right to work, incident records, tax, pension or minimum wage to name a few. If a company is not compliant with the law it will sooner or later run into trouble and be heavily fined or worse ...view middle of the document...

1 Describe different systems for recording and storing HR data and the benefits of each
HR data are stored either electronically or in hard copies (paper). The advantages to store HR data electronically become easily visible in larger organisations. Multiple users can access electronic HR database systems at the same time and from different locations. Data can be easily shared or analysed and provide real time information back to the organisation and satisfy legal requirements if recorded accurately. Last but not least they don’t need a lot of physical space. On the flipside, these database systems are of high maintenance in order to keep data secure and safe for the sake of the company and even more important to be compliant with the law. Storing HR data in paper format has the advantage that it is safe against any electronically manipulation, hacking or damaging. Smaller businesses tent to use some sort of paper filing system as it clearly is a much more cost-effective option. Access is very likely limited often only to one or two people. Clearly, a limited risk of unauthorised access. The use of electronic data storage systems for small business often doesn’t make sense as it would involve much higher efforts and costs to keep data safe (i.e. additional professional workforce, additional...

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