Undocumented Children Should Attend College Essay

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As Americans, we believe that our great country is a land of milk and honey, of open windows and opportunities, and of rights and privileges. With that being said, we all strive to live the American Dream, with some if not most of us, leaving not only our mother country in the process but our comfort zone. The question to ask is, “Is everyone in this nation, legal or illegal, entitled to these blessings bestowed to us by this country?” After all, according to the Declaration of Independence, we as human beings are granted life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (US 1776). The better question to be presented and dare to be asked is, “Should illegal immigrants without ...view middle of the document...

Boatright 32). Furthermore, this is a unique pleasure that not only sets us apart from animals, but allows us to be entertained and not be idle. Learning not only opens opportunities for us, but it opens our minds to new things we never thought possible. College education is essential not because it guarantees success but because knowledge is a driving force in getting ahead in life, no matter what area or aspect an individual is aiming for; after all, it’s been said time and time again that knowledge is power.

Furthermore, the United States of America is a superpower recognized amongst many nations in the world. Other countries look up to America because of its leadership, its democracy, and its political and economic power. Essentially, America needs to cultivate more leaders because this generation is teeming with plenty. Rather than regarding the arrival of immigrants as a threat or a problem, Sandy Baum and Stella M. Flores call attention that “policy makers and educators should focus on increasing immigrants’ participation in postsecondary education to ensure the long-run strength of the U.S. economy” (1). Moreover, they should not just be regarded as mere cheap labor, but as people who deserves the benefits this country has to offer. However, it does not grant the same opportunities for those without “papers” or legal means. Much more disheartening is that America does not deem worthy of time, money, and effort to build potential leaders that might one day change the country or even the world.

According to Alejandra Rincón, as of 2008 there are an estimated number of 12 million undocumented people, which consists of 26 percent of the immigrant makeup in its entirety (13). Fortunately, with the support of the decision by Supreme Court in the case of Plyler v. Doe in 1982, illegal students were able to attend public schools (Rincón 1). A vast majority in the courthouse ruled that this should not be a right deprived from innocent students without proper papers. Furthermore, the Plyler v. Doe case emphasized the importance that “without an education, these undocumented children, already disadvantaged as a result of poverty, lack of English speaking ability and undeniable racial prejudices…will become permanently locked into the lowest socioeconomic class” (Plyler v. Doe 208). It cannot be stressed enough that without the attainment of an education, such kids will be underprivileged and deprived of a greater and more secure future.

While the Plyler v. Doe ruling is a big relief to immigrant families everywhere in the nation at the time and even now, it still does not solve the problem of their children being unable to achieve postsecondary college education. Aside from that, it only settles the problem of an illegal alien earning a potential high school diploma. What if there were ambitious children who wanted to strive and excel for more? As children, we are told by adults and our own...

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