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Unfaithfulness: A Weakness Or A Necessity?

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Unfaithfulness: a weakness or a necessity?
Love is claimed to be what makes the world looks a better place, and it is generally defined as a pure, peaceful and mature feeling that a human being is capable of sharing with someone. Unfortunately, it seems that different conceptions of love prevail among people because it is commonly believed that you have to accept a person as it is even though he or she is, for example, unfaithful. Although people may love each other, they can be unfaithful either because they do not have the strength to resist the temptation of being with other person that is not their mate, or because they are unable to love. Consequently, weakness of body, mind and soul brings on unfaithfulness.
Indisputably, many people claim that infidelity is an ‘acceptable human need’, and that there is nothing ...view middle of the document...

To begin with, sometimes cheating occurs when a person in a relationship brings to light the weakness of the body because of not being able to control their lecherous desires. Nonetheless, the reason why they cannot control their lust is because they are emotionally weak, so, basically, they are not prepared to have a serious relationship, and the main sign of this is when people are interested in dating. Psychologists say that there is nothing wrong with dating people, but, whenever you have a serious relationship, showing willingness to date others gives a clear sign that you are emotionally unable to maintain a relationship without being unfaithful.
Secondly, some people cheat on their mates because they are afraid of commitment. It is a well- founded claim that the reason of ‘commitment phobia’ is not only the fear of losing your ‘space’, but also the lack of desire for being with only one partner. Consequently, people seem reluctant to the idea of commitment because they are not sure of devoting their lives to one person.
Lastly, infidelity can be the unfortunate result of people’s incapacity to love. This weakness of the heart is generally related to bad relationships that have created emotional insecurity; therefore, this creates an emotional barrier. As a result, some people cheat on their mates because they are unable to be emotionally attached to them.
To conclude, it is undeniable that unfaithfulness is due to weakness. People can cheat on their mates because they are unable to control their deepest desires, because they suffer for commitment phobia or because they are unable to love, but, whatever the reasons are, infidelity is always related to a ‘weakness’ of some sort either mental or emotional. In order to overcome this weakness and not to be unfaithful, people should be able to analyze their psyche and their inner feelings before getting involve in a serious relationship, otherwise, they will fail on unfaithfulness time and time again.

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