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Unfinished Cars Essay

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Aston Martin DB9 vs Ferrari 458 Spider

Let’s say you are related to “Jay” Leno and he wants to give you a super car from his car collection. You cannot choose between the Aston Martin DBR9 and the Ferrari F430, They both have a nice super car look to them but also an elegant look. They are both have efficient horsepower for the road and enough torque to have some fun on the highway. There are multiple options for the interior design just a matter of what you want as the driver. Let compare and contrast both cars in every way so we can choose the best super car for your liking.
Let’s start with the Aston Martin DB9; it use to be the signature James Bond car and use to be owned by a British company but it is now owned by Ford but still built in Great Britain. The DB9 has a brand new AM11 engine, the most powerful in DB9's ...view middle of the document...

Aluminum, magnesium alloy and composite body, Extruded door side impact beams Single bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED side lights and direction indicators and clear LED rear lamps.
Now for the interior features Full-grain leather interior, Leather sports steering wheel, Electrically adjustable sports seats with side airbags, Memory seats & exterior mirrors (three positions), Dual-stage driver/front passenger front airbags, Powerfold exterior heated mirrors, Heated front seats, Heated rear screen, and Automatic temperature control the the list keeps on going. There are a lot of features to this car to list.
The Ferrari 458 Spider is a very extravagant car it has more of a luxurious/sporty look to than the DB9. It has a signature red and sleek and fast super car look. It is a lot more common in the states than the DB9, It is built in Italy. The Ferrari offers a set of new emotion and adds a sense of sportiness and power to everyday driving. The 570 horse power adds a mix of sounds turning it in to music to the car enthusiast. It is the first car ever to combine a mid-rear engine. The hard top can be put down for a sporty look for be left on for a performance trait. It s a seven speed manual transmission, the motor is a V8 – 398 Ib of torque.
Now let’s compare these two beautiful cars, they both have adequate horse power for the common weekend getaway the DB9 has A 517 horse power motor and the Ferrari has a massive 570 horse power motor. Both have custom colors you can choose from and custom interior stitching or color you can have them do every bit of these cars can be sent you there dealer to have customer work done. The Ferrari is a hard top convertible as the DB9 is not so if you like to go down to the beach the Ferrari has the advantage there. But if you’re a kind of “take the car down to the track” kind of person then the DB9 would be a bit of a rarity there. 257,412 13CTY 17HWY, $183,700 HP 13 / 19

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