Unfinished Mask Work Ncea Level 1

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Internal Assessment Resource

Subject Reference: Drama 1.3

Internal assessment resource reference number: Drama/1/3 – C version 4

“Face Off”- exploration of MASK

Supports internal assessment for:

Achievement Standard: 90008 version 2

Demonstrate knowledge of a drama/theatre form through a practical presentation
Credits: 3

Date version published: February 2004

Ministry of Education For use in internal assessment
quality assurance status from 2004
Teacher Guidelines:
The following guidelines are supplied to enable teachers to carry out valid and consistent assessment using this internal assessment resource.

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• Dressing such as feathers, buttons, fabric and wool/leather scraps, flax, bark and paint for covering paper Mache.

The script worksheet is a simple device for setting out a performance script with a column for annotating performance intentions.

The planner worksheet encourages simple characterisation and movement appropriate for basic mask performance.

Additional information:
See Appendix A.


Internal Assessment Resource

Subject Reference: Drama 1.3

Internal assessment resource reference number: Drama/1/3 – C version 4

“Face Off” – exploration of MASK

Supports internal assessment for:

Achievement Standard: 90008 version 2

Demonstrate knowledge of a theatre genre or style through a practical presentation

Credits: 3

Student Instructions Sheet

In this activity you will look at different mask styles. You will investigate at least two styles of mask. One style must be either Commedia or Greek.
This style will be used in re-telling a story with a group. Although much of your work will be as part of the group, you must keep your own worksheets as a record of your ideas and planning and to show that you understand the features of the mask form.
The performance itself will be further evidence of your understanding.

|Week |Activity |Tasks Due |Sign off |
|2 |Research |Complete by… | |
| | |Mon 19 Feb | |
|3 |Research Presentation task 1 |Wed 21 Feb | |
|4 |Planning task 2 |Wed 28 Feb | |
| |Making the mask | | |
|5 |Mask completed task 3 |Mon 5 Mar | |
| |Rehearsal | | |
| |Script worksheet task 4 |Wed 21 Mar | |
|6 |Rehearsal | | |
|7 |Dress rehearsal |Wed 21 Mar | |
| |Performance task 5 |Thur 22 Mar | |
| |Reflection task 6 |Fri 23 Mar | |


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