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Uniforms And The Perceptions In Cleveland School District

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About two years ago a community meeting was held at H.M. Nailor IB World. In this meeting all parents were asked to vote if uniforms would be appropriate or inappropriate for students to wear. The controversy about implementing school uniforms in the school has been going on for quite some time now. The Cleveland School District is slowly enforcing the idea that students in grades kindergarten through third grade are already required to wear uniforms and fourth through eighth grade wearing uniforms is under deliberation. However the idea of wearing uniforms could prevent a lot of things. Wearing uniforms promotes safety, inequalities, and bullying.
Uniforms are cost efficient. The ...view middle of the document...

If students wear uniforms the idea that one student is beneath the other is eliminated. The ridicule over clothing would deplete tremendously or cease altogether creating a better environment for all students. School uniforms not only break down socioeconomic barriers, but they also increase make it safer for the students. In 1996, President Bill Clinton encouraged the use of school uniforms as part of an education program to improve safety and discipline. If students are all wearing the same type of outfit, it becomes much easier to point out outsiders who may wander onto the campus. Also, members of gangs frequently have a color or style of clothing used to identify them. Unsuspecting students who wear gang colors or gang-related clothing might be threatened or intimidated by members of opposing gangs, students wearing expensive or fashionable clothes might become victims of theft, or certain fashion accessories or clothing may be used as a means of hiding weapons.
Uniforms make the school symmetrical. Students dressed alike will spend more time...

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