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This week’s reading discusses four contemporary management approaches. One of those approaches is the Sociotechnical System. This system approach revolves around the social aspects of people. Quantitative management is a system in which the primary focus is to have specific formulas where the best answers to common management questions can be answered by plugging in information. Organization behavior, which is very common in my workplace, focuses on bettering specific work group safety and performance. Lastly, the System’s Theory is the interdisciplinary study of systems in general with the goal of elucidating principals that can be applied to all types of systems (Bateman, 2013).
Sociotechnical, also known as STS, is defined as the social aspects of people and society. This sociotechnical approach is commonly used when managing complex projects. While dealing with complex ...view middle of the document...

Organizational behavior surrounds one’s ability to be able to understand human behavior as well as predict and control it in an organized setting. When using the Organizational approach, it is common to see managers acknowledge staff and include them in day to day functions of the workplace.
To give an example of open systems including internal, competitive, and macro environments in an organization, I will use Grand Lux Cafe as an example. The internal environment, or the workgroups within the company that help maintain successful running include, bakers, hostess, bartenders, line cooks, and servers, to name a few. The competitive environment, which I look at as surrounding competition, consist of P.F. Changs, Champs, Main Event, Miller’s, and Fuddruckers. The macro environment would include the customers, suppliers, public, and competitors. All of these parts play a role in the success of Grand Lux Café.
These four contemporary approaches are relevant in the open systems. Competitive, internal, and macro environments, all deal with society and social aspects of individuals. I believe organizational behavior may be the best approach in an internal environment. Uplifting and encouraging staff is a great way to boost morale and will encourage them and naturally make them want to challenge their work performance. Systems Theory can be compared to all of the approaches. Systems Theory focuses on making clear principals that can merge with other systems. Since an internal environment plays a vital role in an organization, it makes sense that it is relevant. The competitive part of an organization can also benefit from this theory because it can provide a surplus of information that open a gateway to a company’s growth. When referring to a macro environment, this involves a wide range of systems that come together to make an organization possible. System’s Theory can ultimately assist in the financial growth and expansion of a company.
BATEMAN. (2013). M: Management, 3rd Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from http://online.vitalsource.com/book.

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