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Unit 3 M1 Essay

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Level 3 unit 3-M1
Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in two organisations
In this assignment I will compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in McDonalds and Maxfactor. I will outline the similarities and differences of the way the two organisations use marketing techniques. My chosen products are: McDonald’s McFlurry Ice-cream and Maxfactor ‘masterpiece’ mascara.
Technique | McDonald’s McFlurry Ice-cream | Maxfactor ‘Masterpiece’ mascara | Similarities | Differences |
Market Penetration | McDonalds focuses on selling its ice-cream in the same and to the same customers by using methods such as BOGOF or offering a free one with a large meal. ...view middle of the document...

| Market Development was used to introduce ‘Masterpiece’ to different market segments of women of different backgrounds, culture and varied in age. Maxfactor used market development to introduce masterpiece to new markets by investing a lot of money to advertising and promoting the product. | Both organisations use market development to increase their sales by introducing their products into new markets of people of different backgrounds but similar interests and needs. Both companies use promotion methods when using the market development technique. | The difference between the way McDonalds used market development to market McFlurry and the way Maxfactor used the technique to market ‘masterpiece’ is that McDonalds introduced its product to a new market by targeting a wider market segment as its more affordable than the mascara and is used by both male and female customers whereas Maxfactor targeted a niche market consisting only of female customers. The other difference is that McDonalds had offers such as BOGOF when introducing to new markets, however Maxfactor had a standard price for all its markets. |
ProductDevelopment | McDonalds constantly makes new types and flavours of McFlurry ice-creams (McFlurry Smarties, Dairy Milk, cream Egg, etc.) and introduce it to the existing customers. | Maxfactor produces new mascaras such as ‘Masterpiece Max’, Masterpiece Waterproof’ and curved brush masterpiece, and introduces them to the same markets. | Both companies used product development because they made a lot of profit through sales of the original...

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