Unit 302 – Schools As Organisations

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Unit 302 – Unit 302 – Schools as organisations
Learning Outcome 5: Understand the purpose of school policies and procedures

Schools should provide a caring, constructive learning environment for pupils and safe, supportive working conditions for staff. Staff and pupils have the right to work and learn in a climate of respect. To achieve and maintain such order schools have policies and procedures.
Policies and procedures are important because they set rules. An effective policy should provide a sound basis upon which more detailed actions, conduct, principles and plans can be layered. It should give members of staff an indication of what their role might be in implementing it. ...view middle of the document...

Pupil welfare policies and procedures are Child protection, behaviour and PSHE. These have quite in depth strategies. To summarise these if a child discloses sensitive information they are taken to designated teacher where word for word statements are taken without leading questions, promised are never made to them and they are always kept informed of what is happening. Good behaviour is encouraged, praised and rewarded. Feed back to class teacher is essential if good or bad behaviour as they need to be aware. PSHE is to promote positive sense of self, good relationship with others and to understand differences between people or children and their views.
Polices and procedures relating to teaching and learning are teaching and learning, literacy and numeracy. To summarise these is to make pupils feel safe and secure in the learning environment. To acknowledge different learning capabilities and adapt the curriculum to fit pupils abilities and styles. To make sure classrooms are well organised, well stocked and lesson are stimulating and appropriate.
Policies and procedures relating to equality, diversity and inclusion include Equal Opportunities, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs. When summarised these mean that all...

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