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Unit 304 Promot And Implement Health And Safety In A Health Care Setting

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Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care
Outcome 1
As a health care professional you are accountable for your actions at work and it is therefore important to follow health and safety regulations and policies related to health and safety procedures and policies. These policies could include: fire safety policy, COSHH regulations, food hygiene policies . Personal protective equipment at work regulations (PPE 1992). RIDDOR reporting of injury, disease and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995. And any specific policies related to specific equipment used in the work place.
The main piece of legislation related to health and safety in a health and ...view middle of the document...

The responsibilities of my other team members are similar to mine in that everyone must ensure the safety not only themselves, but of their colleagues and patients under their duty of care. They must safely support each other to practice within policies and reporting when injuries or accidents occur.
Certain tasks must not be carried out without the specific training to do so, for example a person must not move a patient if they haven’t had manual handling training including the use of hoists and other moving aids. Task such as cooking food for patients without having done a food hygiene course. Should never handle hazardous waste if you have not been given COSHH training and know exactly what to do should there be a spillage.

Cuts, Burns in the kitchen. Falls, back injuries through poor manual handling techniques, strokes, heart attacks, allergic reactions, common colds or flu, sickness and diarrhoea bugs and food poisoning. Spillages etc.
Let the Staff nurse in charge know what has happened. Apply first aid and follow St David foundation policies and procedures, complete accident/incident form and record in the individuals file.
I would explain to individuals the importance of wearing corrective protective equipment such as aprons gloves etc. And those aprons gloves, body fluids are then put in the correct bins before leaving that room and that hands are then correctly washed before moving onto the next task or patient. Support patients and explain that it is important for them to wash their hands after using the toilet or eating food to reduce the spread of infection.
Ensure colleagues and patients know how important it is to store food properly, example could be the importance of storing food properly eg should it be in a fridge or not and the importance of dating items when they are put in the fridge.
I will ensure i always show examples of the right procedures at all times.
I always arrive at work clean and my hair is clean and tied up. My uniform is clean on for each shift and always washed at the correct temperature. I do not wear my uniform to work either i use the changing facilities available. I wash my hands regularly and always use a tissue when sneezing or coughing. I report to my manager if i have sickness or stomach bugs and i stay of work for the correct time specified.
The main points of legislation relating to moving and handling are to reduce the number of injuries and ensure everyone in the workplace are trained and avoid moving and handling where there is a risk of injury to self or others. Legislation is in place to protect all involved in manual handling.
Principles of safe manual handling is to ensure firstly that you are physically fit to carry out the task, and knowing where you are going to carry the task out. Is the area safe and have you got enough space to carry out the task. Ensure always that you use the correct equipment...

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