Unit 305 Understand Person Centred Approaches

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Unit 305 Understand person-centred approaches in adult social care settings

1. Describe person centred approaches

Person centred approaches refers to ways of working which revolve around an individual being included in all aspects of their care and decision making. These sorts of approaches focus and function on an individual-by-individual basis.
A personal example of this with me being a key worker for one the people we support is the monthly key worker meetings I go through with them. During these meetings, I ask how the person’s health has been during the past month including my own assessment of it as well. Any appointments to medical professionals will be recorded during the ...view middle of the document...

Care staff should work in partnership with individuals and make them aware of how all aspects of their care is to be delivered, be it how their finances are to be handles or a choice of holidays they may wish to go on. It is also about enabling individuals to be independent while respecting their rights at the same time.

2.1 Explain how finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual contributes to their care plan

Information on the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual can best be obtained from people who best know that individual for example their family, friends, health professional and the individuals themselves and as such, the care plan should reflect this. The care plan is put in place to give information to other people who will be involved with that individual in order to allow them to interact with the individual properly e.g providing care and communicating. Additionally, having this information allows for a more accurate picture of what the individual’s needs and preferences are. An example of when I have had to rely on this sort of information is when the needs of one of the people we support changed. The individual had a new prescription of glasses and their keyworker together with the line manager updated their support plan which stated that they should wear their new prescribed glasses at all times. As part of the care staff it is my duty now to ensure that they do so.

2.2 Describe ways to put person centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation
Complex or sensitive situations can be things like a distressing time for an individual such as a family member passing away, challenging behaviours or communication barriers. You can put person centred values into practice by following that individual’s support plan. I have had to make use of these values when a family member of one of the people we support passed away. He is generally a quiet man who likes to keep to himself so when he found out the news, he became very withdrawn without much outward expression. The way I dealt with this sensitive situation was show sympathy and follow what his support plan says which is that he likes to be left alone and sit quietly in his room. After some time, with the help of my colleagues and again following what his support plan states, I suggested to him things that he enjoys doing such playing on his Wii or having a nice cup of tea in an attempt to better the situation. Putting these values into practice did eventually help the situation and he was back to his normal self after a few days.

2.3 Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person-centred values.
Person cantered values relate to strategies and agreed ways of working that focus on people’s support/care needs on an individual level. Therefore, care plans are put in place to offer a comprehensive insight to how the individual it pertains to needs to be supported. The care plan will provide information...

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