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Unit 4 Assignment 1 P1 M1 D

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Leah Dade
Unit 4- Business Communications assignment (P1 M1 D1)
Business information is used to pass on important information to people inside or outside the company. Marks and Spencer’s have used business information a lot in their company within the 130 years of existents.
In M&S verbal information is used, which is where two or more people communicate face to face in either a formal or in-formal manure.
Verbal Communication
Verbal or oral communication uses spoken words to communicate a message. When most people think of verbal communication, they think of speaking, but listening is an equally important skill for this type of communication to be successful. Verbal ...view middle of the document...

It enables complex ideas to be expressed and discussed. The absence of speech would not stop us as humans from communicating effectively, as for the blind and deaf. There is always other available ways of communicating for the disabled, such as sigh language and braille. When speaking to a colleague you are getting your point across very clear and efficient to the listener. This is a great advantage that nothing can be misunderstood due to how precise you can be when talking out loud to someone.
This is a physical way of writing symbols to communicate with one and another. They come in different languages. Can be words, diagrams, graphs and charts. And these can come from a few sources; newspapers, books, government publications, posters and many more. This way of communicating is used all around the world which means you can contact lots of people in different countries.
Written communication is essential for communicating complicated information, such as statistics or other data that could not be easily communicated through speech alone. Written communication also allows information to be recorded so that it can be referred to at a later date if needed. When producing a piece of written communication, especially one that is likely to be referred to over and over again, you need to plan what you want to say carefully to ensure that all the relevant information is accurately and clearly communicated.
But there is one problem, if you cannot write in other languages then you will not be able to send this to someone across as if they don’t know your language they will not be able to understand what you have written.
By improving your verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills, you can become more successful in all areas of business. For example, learning new languages or reading up more on your role/job title. Whether you are managing others or working as part of a team, the ability to communicate effectively can improve relations with your colleagues and help you all to work more effectively together. It can also offer you more jobs in the long run.

On screen information
The most used way to inform customers about special offers, what’s new or what stores are open is by screen. This can be from many common items such as, phones, TV, laptops, computers, films etc. All web-based information displays have many benefits of multimedia technology. The on screen information can be seen anywhere and everywhere. When you’re driving home from work or just going out and about there is screen displays showing you what companies are advertising to you to try and catch your eye.
Multi-media is the best way to advertise as everyone has some sort of online or screen device. Marks and spencer use this method the most as the company feels that this is the best way to draw customers in to buying their products.
Web based information
This is used a lot in M&S as the company looks at what you have been searching on your...

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