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Unit 4 Life Factors Essay

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Sophie Cartwright

Unit 4 P2 – Life Factors

As people go through life, there are many different factors that affect their development physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. All of these factors can be split into five groups, these are: environmental, socio-economic, genetic, lifestyle, and biological. A life factor is the way a person lives his or her life that would affect their quality of life. As I have been studying George Clooney, he could have possibly been affected by any of these life factors.
Socioeconomic – Low income
A socioeconomic life factor would be something relating to either social or economic factors within a person’s like. The one I ...view middle of the document...

This means that people with a low income and no spare money can’t go to their doctor so their health is not always great. Another thing that low income causes may be depression. This is because when people do not have enough money to make ends meet, or do what they want to do it can cause them to feel upset and down that they cannot provide for their family. Sometimes it can even be worse than that, and the depression can cause people to do other things such as self harm or even possibly suicide, this is only in extreme cases but it still stems from the fact that they have low income.
Having a low income, may have many negative factors but some people see it as a good thing. Some people that have a low income are entitled to benefits; this means that they get extra money on top of the little that they earn. This can be positive for people as it would boost their confidence and even though they can’t themselves provide for their family, they are getting helped out. There are many other negative reasons about low income as well as bad health, depression, anger, upset, and bad relationships at home or with a partner. Low income can make emotions such as anger and upset more obvious to people. This is because these people try and hold in their emotions, then when something else upsets them, they would take it all out on that. 
Low income would have effected George Clooney’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development in many different ways. 
physically, if he had a low income it would possibly mean that his health wouldn’t be as good as it would be if he had a higher income. The cost of prescriptions and travel to and from doctors and hospitals may be too much for him, therefore he just wouldn’t bother going, and this means that overtime his health would deteriorate quicker than it would if he had the money to pay for prescriptions and travel. He could also end up dead a lot sooner than a person who had the same health as him but had the money to treat any illnesses. Also, having little money may cause him to lose weight of even gain weight. This would be because if he had little money it would mean he wouldn't be able to afford good healthy food or full meals therefore he would lose weight, but on the other hand he could be comfort eating, getting meals that are quick and easy to make but high in calories, just because they are cheaper. For example, a meal for the chip shop would be cheaper than a full healthy and fresh meal from a supermarket. Also physically, his appearance may change. He may look rougher, for example if he did not shave. This is because he may feel there is no point looking good if he doesn’t feel good. He may also not be able to afford products such as shaving foam, razors, deodorant and tooth paste that are the essentials when being clean.
intellectually, his development would have been effected because if he has a job that pays very little or no job at all it would mean that he isn’t...

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