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Unit 5 Ap World Review Guide

3500 words - 14 pages

AP* World History Study Guide and Graphic Organizers – Unit 5: The Modern World, 1914 CE – present
1. World War I
Students are required to know the causes, major events, and consequences of WWI
1) Causes
a) Imperialism
i) No new lands to expand into – some nations didn’t have many colonies (Germany, Italy)
ii) Rivalries as nations competed for colonies
iii) Sometimes armed conflict in colonial lands for control over resources
b) Nationalism
i) Pride in one’s nation, want one’s nation to be the best and most powerful
ii) Fostered conflict as nations competed to be the best
iii) Justified imperialism, militarism
iv) Caused disruptions in multi-ethnic nations (Austria-Hungary, ...view middle of the document...

You may also be asked to compare aspects of WWI with other wars, either with those that came before or with those that came after WWI.

Example: Using the following documents, compare the nature of the postwar world envisioned by the victorious nations after WWI and WWII.

To answer this question thoroughly, you would need to have an understanding of the causes of world conflict and how the leaders of the nations involved attempted to resolve (successfully or unsuccessfully) the conflict at the close of war. You would need to be familiar with peace settlements as well as negotiations along the way to achieving peace.

2. The Great Depression
The Great Depression had a global impact, so AP students are expected to know how the Great Depression happened, its worldwide effects, and attempts at recovery from the economic decline.
1) Causes
a) Overproduction
i) Agricultural
ii) Factories
b) Destruction of WWI
i) Germany unable to pay reparations
ii) Great Britain and France unable to pay war debts to US
c) Bank failures
i) Banks failed in Europe as people couldn’t pay back loans
d) Stock Market Crash
i) Buying stock on the margin artificially inflated prices
ii) Stock values fell dramatically as people sold their stocks
iii) Millions of dollars “vanished” as stock prices bottomed out
iv) Banks failed as people couldn’t pay back loans
2) Worldwide effects
a) Overproduction of agricultural goods caused drop in prices, hurting Latin American and African economies based on one or two cash crops
b) Tariffs put in place to protect domestic businesses, caused a decline in world trade
c) Widespread unemployment as businesses failed due to decline in trade
d) Inflation of prices, especially in Germany
e) Europe, USA, Japan, Latin America, Africa
3) Responses
a) Social welfare programs
i) Government pushes reforms that help relieve suffering caused by Depression
ii) USA: New Deal, Social Security, soup kitchens/bread lines, welfare
b) Rise of Fascism
i) Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain
ii) Attractive to people hurt by Depression
iii) Leaders stressed taking drastic measures to overcome economic decline, renewed interest in building military and becoming aggressive

Why you should know this: The Great Depression had a huge impact on the world’s economy
and had significant consequences in terms of how each nation responded to the suffering brought about by the Depression.

1. Which of the following was true of the Great Depression?
a. It was alleviated by the flow of US funds to Europe during the 1930’s
b. Global agriculture saw underproduction and low prices during the 1920s and 1930s
c. It was unaffected by Allied war debts
d. It was caused by an underproduction of raw materials in European colonies
e. It was tied into the payment of war reparations

You would have to be aware of the causes of the Great Depression, beyond just the
stock market crash in the US, to identify the correct answer,...

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