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In the Debra Tannen’s Gender Differences Video, Ms. Tannen displayed and discussed a few common issues that happen between women and men in offices across the world. Ms. Tannen made it very clear that the way in which you are speaking is always going to be judged above you and your tone will determine if you’re the boss or the subordinate of the conversation. There are many distinct differences in the ways that males and females communicate to each other and amongst themselves, which if not managed correctly can cause male and female rivals to get in the way of achieving important goals in and out of the workplace.

Women regularly undercut themselves often not taking full credit for what ...view middle of the document...

The grapevine ties in greatly with Debra Tannen’s Gender Differences video, as the grapevine generally flourishes at the acquisition of a new boss or other important company changes and can have major effects on the ambiguity and anxiety of the employees involved in it (P.168). A strong real life example of the grapevine and the negative effects it can have on a company, is while employed at the Highlands at Pittsford we often encountered major changes to both company policy and management (people and structure), as many of these changes put a great burden on the current and incoming staff they often became the talk of the company, eventually infuriating large numbers of the staff, while our day to day supervisor Stacie did her very best to take control of the staff by apologizing for the new changes that she did not create, the rumors only spread more, the moral continued to decrease, and Stacie had less and less control over the staff. It wasn’t until one day that Stacie came in, stopped apologizing to the staff and started creating new assignments for the staff without giving them a reason or a choice that she was taken seriously.

Personal power stems from an individual’s unique characteristics. (P. 201) “There are two bases of personal power: expertise and the respect and admiration of others” (P.201). As expert Debra Tannen stated in the video in order to be widely accepted and understood in the...

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