Unit 7 Chapter 8 Study Guide

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Unit 7
Unit 8 Study Guide

1. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A) Ionic bonding results from the transfer of electrons from one atom to another.
B) Dipole moments result from the unequal distribution of electrons in a molecule.
C) The electrons in a polar bond are found nearer to the more electronegative element.
D) A molecule with very polar bonds can be nonpolar.
E) Linear molecules cannot have a net dipole moment.

2. Atoms having greatly differing electronegativities are expected to form:
A) no bonds
B) polar covalent bonds
C) nonpolar covalent bonds
D) ionic bonds
E) covalent bonds

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Which of the following groups contains no ionic compounds?
A) HCN, NO2, Ca(NO3)2
B) PCl5, LiBr, Zn(OH)2
C) KOH, CCl4, SF4
D) NaH, CaF2, NaNH2
E) CH2O, H2S, NH3

12. In which pair do both compounds exhibit predominantly ionic bonding?
A) PCl5 and HF
B) Na2SO3 and BH3
C) KI and O3
D) NaF and H2O
E) RbCl and CaO

13. Metals typically have _______ electronegativity values.
A) high
B) low
C) negative
D) no
E) two of these

14. The electron pair in a C-F bond could be considered
A) closer to C because carbon has a larger radius and thus exerts greater control over the shared electron pair.
B) closer to F because fluorine has a higher electronegativity than carbon.
C) closer to C because carbon has a lower electronegativity than fluorine.
D) an inadequate model since the bond is ionic.
E) centrally located directly between the C and F.

15. Based on electronegativity differences, which of the following is most likely to be ionic?
A) BaF2
B) Cl2
C) NH3
D) NO3
E) CH4

16. What is the correct order of the following bonds in terms of decreasing polarity?
A) N-Cl, P-Cl, As-Cl
B) P-Cl, N-Cl, As-Cl
C) As-Cl, N-Cl, P-Cl
D) P-Cl, As-Cl, N-Cl
E) As-Cl, P-Cl, N-Cl

17. Which of the following bonds would be the most polar without being considered ionic?
A) Mg-O
B) C-O
C) O-O
D) Si-O
E) N-O

18. Which of the following bonds would be the least polar yet still be considered polar covalent?
A) Mg-O
B) C-O
C) O-O
D) Si-O
E) N-O

19. How many of the following molecules possess dipole moments?
BH3, CH4, PCl5, H2O, HF, H2
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5

20. Which of the following molecules has a dipole moment?
A) CH4
B) CCl4
C) CO2
D) SO3
E) none of these

21. Select the molecule among the following that has a dipole moment.
A) CO2
B) SeO3
C) XeF4
D) SF4
E) BeCl2

22. Which of the following molecules (or ions) has a dipole moment?
A) CO2
B) CO2-
C) NH+4
D) PF3
E) two of them do

23. Which of the following molecules has a dipole moment?
A) BCl3
B) SiCl4
C) PCl3
D) Cl2
E) none of these

24. Which of the following molecules has no dipole moment?
A) CO2
B) NH3
C) H2O
D) all
E) none

25. Choose the statement that best describes the PbCl4 molecule in the gas phase.
A) The bond angles are all about 109°.
B) The molecule is polar.
C) The molecule has a dipole moment.
D) The bonds are nonpolar.
E) a, b, and c

26. Which of the following has a zero dipole moment?
A) NH3
B) NO2
C) PF5
D) SO2

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