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Unit 8 Not Done Essay

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Stephanie Overfield
MT435 Unit Eight
Kaplan University

Albatross Anchor has been manufacturing anchors since 1976. They manufacture and sell mushroom/bell anchors and snag hook anchors on a wholesale level only. Their building/facilities are all together in one location and consist of: The administration offices, manufacturing, the shipping department, the receiving department, raw materials storage, finished products storage, and the foundry. The plant does not meet all US safety and environmental standards and is worn and technology-deprived. As a potential consultant for Albatross Anchor, I will be discussing how to improve Albatross Anchor’s ...view middle of the document...

Albatross Anchor has a huge competitive disadvantage because as a result of getting into the international market they have large amounts of finished products sitting in the finished products storage awaiting shipment. This increases their holding costs and creates inefficiencies.
Challenge two: Time Management
Albatross Anchor has this as an advantage over their competitors because they only produce two types of anchors. The company produces these two types of anchors as effectively as possible and as the market demands.
Albatross Anchor is at a huge competitive disadvantage when it comes to flexibility in filling order(s) because they manufacture two different types of anchors on the same machinery. With it taking 36 hours to switch the machines from producing one type of anchor to the other, this slows production and creates inefficiencies.
Challenge three: Technology Adoption
Albatross Anchor is at a huge disadvantage compared to their competitors when it comes to modern technology. The company is technology deprived and requires manual help with all aspects of the company operations. This can lead to more mistakes and slower operations.
Challenge four: ...

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