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Centre Name : ROC van Amsterdam, International Business Studies
Learner Name : _______________________________________
Learner Reg. No. : _______________________________________

Learner’s Declaration:
I certify that the work submitted for this Assignment is my own.

Name of Assessor : ____________________________
Name of Internal Verifier: ____________________________

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Week 9 | |

The Way We Work
The students will work on this unit in the period 4 November 2013 until 17 January 2014. They will hand-in their complete portfolio on. After this date no work on this project will be accepted any more. That means that if the portfolio is considered unclassified, the next chance of improving it will be in the next school year.

Therefore, it is important that the students work on their portfolio within the period allotted for this unit, ask and get feed-back from the tutor and come up with a good product on 17 January 2014.

All the students must get feedback and signatures from their tutor at least 3 times during the 5 weeks of working on the project. Make sure that you have three times feedback otherwise your portfolio will not be accepted at the end of the unit!!! If you want to hand in your portfolio at the end of the period, you also need a presence of 75%!
New method
The period is divided into two parts; In the first 3 weeks the focus will be on lectures and workshops. It is compulsory for everyone to work on the workshops, because they will help you to understand the theory and finally to make the official assignments at the end of the period. After these three weeks you will start with working on the tasks that will provide the evidence for this unit. The purpose of all these weeks is to ask your teacher for feedback in order to deliver a good product. During these weeks you have to work on your tasks and when you have questions your teacher will guide you. Your teacher will be available for you during the hours you are scheduled. Please be prepared and use these hours carefully.
In the planning you can find final dates for feedback. You have to use this planning in order to be on schedule, otherwise you will have problems with delivering your final portfolio on time. Your teacher will use these dates to give you feedback. When the final date for feedback passed, the teacher will not concentrate on that assignment anymore and will continue with giving feedback on the next assignments.
When your unit is not achieved in total, meaning that you miss some work, you will have the chance to resubmit the P’s and handed in M’s and D’s during the repair weeks of this Unit which will be scheduled after this period.
The workshops you have worked on during the lessons have to be attached to your portfolio. Don’t forget to include them!


There are four tasks covering the grading criteria for this unit. When all assignments have been assessed the unit shall be graded as follows:

* All pass criteria achieved = Pass
* All pass criteria plus all Merit criteria achieved = Merit
* All pass criteria plus all Merit criteria achieved plus the Distinction criterion achieved = Distinction

In this Assignment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria:

Criteria Ref. | To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner...

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